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One of the greatest hardcore porn sites, Take Van porn website offers high quality sex videos containing hardcore sex plays. The main concept of the said website is to pick up girls and fuck them hard in the van. With the narrow setting inside the van, the couple can be as intimate as can be. Take Van is certainly a hardcore XXX site that you’d want to enjoy.


A look at the content

When it comes to the website design of Take Van, it is only natural that your good expectations increase. After all, the website design is tailored to offer a comfortable and smooth browsing experience for the members. It is designed so that only the essentials are included. There are no unnecessary links and graphics. The menus are placed at the top part too, which make it easy to see. For the menu, you have the Home, Pick Ups, Sites, and Contact Us. Through the menu and appropriately placed links, you should be able to enjoy a smooth navigation experience. Aside from that, you should also be able to take advantage of the search tool this site has to offer. Through the search tool, you can search using keywords.

In the home page, there is a collection of videos already featured. They are just thumbnails or screenshots though but enough to offer you a sneak peek on the content of that porn video. Aside from the thumbnails, you will also be given some information about the video, including title, pickup date, pickup time, pickup location, as well as a video description. It is also good to note that there is a model index available for your perusal here in Take Van. The said model index contains a list of all the models who are featured in the porn site. You will get to know the name of your favorite porn start of Take Van through the model index. It is only natural that you don’t get a full biography of the model though since these girls were just picked up from somewhere.

The best thing about the porn content that can be found here in Take Van is that they are of high quality. It is quite different from the ones produced by other porn websites wherein the video looked to be amateurish. In Take Van, you are treated to high quality resolution for the videos. Most of the videos are in their 1920×1080 resolution. If you plan to download, the video will be available in the MP4 format. Most of the videos can run on average of half an hour. There’s a sense of dedication placed into the videos being uploaded t the site. When you stream the videos, you might get some with subtitles, and that is all thanks to the fact that the language spoken in the video are Czech. Right now, one can enjoy 76 videos in the video collection. With the regular updates from this site, the count is expected to rise in no time. While it may be true that you won’t be able to see a photo set accompanying a video, you don’t have to worry because there are still some screenshot photos you can download for your own personal use. Downloading either the video or the photo should not be a problem.

If you are just treated to the videos and photos for Take Van, you won’t think that it is worth the money, right? That’s right! That is mainly the reason why you should hope for more. Take Van answers this demand from the members by offering bonus content together with the membership to the network Take Van belongs to. If you want to know what these sites that offer bonus content for the Take Van members, then all you have to do is click on the site’s Our Sites section. You will be treated to a number of sites, which include Fake Shooting, My First Public, and TeenyPlayground. As long as you already have access to the network, you should be able to gain access to any of these websites. You can then enjoy the hardcore XXX scenes that these sites have to offer its members.


Video and stars

If you want to know more about the girls who are already featured here in the Take Van porn website, you shouldn’t miss out on checking the model’s index. Of course, you’d only get to know the name of the model but that should be enough for you to fantasize about the girl at night, calling out her name over and over as you jerk off. All of the girls here for Take Van are amateurs. You would know that they are non-English speakers considering that their videos sometimes have subtitles.

The girls are generally Czechs. While they may be amateurs, they are fuck worthy. They are so pretty that no boy wouldn’t want to fuck them up real good. Their physique is good too. Their slender body will turn you on once you lay your eyes on them. These girls, once picked up, are taken to the back of the van where they perform real good as they roll flesh-to-flesh with the ones who picked them up. They are so good that they rock the world – ehm, van – strongly.

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Final thoughts

If you are interested in hardcore reality porn, then it shouldn’t be a surprise that you would be referred to Take Van. After all, the said site is one of the top sites that you can visit for that kind of niche. The scenes are not staged like what others offer. Moreover, the video and photo content here in the site are all ones of good quality. The girls, though amateur, can really rock your work. There are bonus sites too. If you want to enjoy the best of the best, then you only have one choice and that is Take Van.

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