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If you’re looking for the nastiest, freakiest and just utterly deprived forms of sexual pleasure you will have a blast at TAC Amateurs. Just sifting through their huge repository of videos it is evident that you will not be going out of stuff to watch anytime soon. At least, if you are going for a premium subscription that is. But what you get for a premium subscription fee is much more than anything you will receive with any other old porn site. What we have right here is a prime example of what porn should be: real people actually enjoying what they are doing, being comfortable around the camera, being honest about their bodies and their sexuality, and just enjoying the hell out of it.

Whether it’s singles, couples that need some spice in their life, or groups of people that like to trade spouses or come together once in a while to go crazy. You will find people from all walks of life, whether it be hot grannies that still feel too fresh to give up their worldly pleasures, MILF’s that think their son’s best friend would be a great fuck or fresher couples that love tying each other up or dressing them up as a dog and whipping them to make them eat from the ground. It’s all here. You will be surprised at what people really have in them, what really makes them tick, and how far the borders of decency may lay for some people in order to achieve that perfect sexual explosion.

A look at the content

The main thing you would be looking at when assessing this kind of website is not the actual content but firstly would be ease-of-use and intuitiveness of the design & layout. I can assure you that what we have here is a prime example of good design. This website encompasses more than 300 different subsites that are all categorized in handy lists with titles like BBW, MILF, granny or horny 20’s. There is a huge variety of categories to choose from. Each subpage is a personal web space for a particular user that is actually submitting his or her or their own home movies.

Each page allows for personal contact with the user, be it through video chat or for setting up real life dates for photo shoots or god knows what else! The curators of the page really have their things under control. With more than 10 years of experience with this website, they know what works and what doesn’t. This makes for a really intuitive flow in the website. Finding your way around is as easy as taking candy from a baby. You can even download your favorite videos or store them in custom playlists.


Video and stars

The obvious here is that the network is really fun to use and to watch, exactly because it’s all users and real people submitting their kinky stuff to their own personal web space. As long as they are sharing on a daily basis people get total freedom in what they want to share. And people take this freedom quite literally. You will be able to watch new kinky stuff on a daily basis, thanks to daily submissions of hundreds of amateurs. You will never have to look at the same stuff twice because with more than 10 years online this network has more than 10 000 videos online and even more pictures. The archive is just really huge. There just isn’t any other network on the web with such a huge collection of crazy, kinky and downright dirty videos.

You’ve got your typical British housewives going about their daily routine of getting fucked on the kitchen table in their high heels and stockings. There’s a bunch of grannies in the network as well, all of them living their sexual dreams that they apparently never got fulfilled. These videos are exceptionally dirty, but that’s exactly what’s so great about them. Older women always know better, even when it comes to sex. There’s a really big bunch of really big breasted women and immense curves that want nothing less than to get banged from all sides. You would be surprised at how juicy these kinds of women can be. All of the content is in really good quality. The video is usually in HD, which is a surprise for an amateur website. This all makes for a really great time jacking off to some freaky dung.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

In my humble opinion, you should be looking at price over quality ratio when looking at a deal like this. If you’re not doing that you’re not really thinking about what you’re getting yourself into. But actually, that’s not really an issue here, because this really is a no-brainer. I have roamed the depths of the internet in search of such a sweet deal as this one. You won’t find a network of so many people actually putting up real content without scruples where the website is actually letting you get in direct contact with the user. Everyone on here is completely free to post whatever they want, as long as they upload on a near daily basis.

This means you will be able to download new and exciting dirtiness every single day and not worry about having to miss out on a cheeky wank when out of a wifi connection. And you’re able to download in whatever quality your heart desires so that you will always be able to fit the content on whatever drive or decide you want to store it at. You would take it for granted that you’re able to download the stuff but you won’t get that with most other premium subscription websites!

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