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Massages are not only satisfying, they are sexy – well, at least for me they are. Massages where created to give the person relaxation and peace, and all the noteworthy things that happen in between. For the most part, I have heard about a lot of things about getting your massages privately and in isolated massage rooms because there seems to be something miraculous happening in there, maybe with or without the consent of the management. I, for one, have practically experienced such and as a man, I could not be any prouder. Massage parlors are notorious for giving their customers the much awaited ‘happy ending’, of course, for a good price. If you have experienced such events, there is no need to be ashamed and I say there is not room for such because that is just plain awesome and great. Not only do you get a great rub in the back, you also get a great rub down there, and by down there, I did not mean your legs or your feet.

Happy ending in massage parlors are so rampant these days and it is not hard to see why. People are actually paying to get such and these masseuses are more than willing to give out generously, without any complaints. Sexy massage times do not just happen to the male population though because the female population is also subjected to such greatness. Yes, even in real life and if you do not believe me, go right ahead and scour my neighborhood for that massage parlor that ‘apparently’ satisfies girls using pleasure toys and that one guy named Rick who basically bones all the ladies with his ‘humungous’ cock. That aside, if you are the type of person who enjoys watching girls getting rubbed down with oil and then fucked to oblivion, then you will love what Team Skeet has on their plates, RubATeen.

Yes, the site is all about rubbing some fresh girl who walked in not knowing what exactly she is getting into. She thinks she is getting the usual massage from a regular masseuse but gets so much more than that. Once these ladies get naked and lie face down that massage table, that hot jock type of masseuse slathers our gorgeous girls with oil and rubs it down every nook and cranny of her deliciously beautiful body. First, it would only look like he is actually doing his job until you notice that his hands are slowly scouring the girl’s body in such a heated manner. You would see him start rubbing the legs, going inside, rubbing the clit a little bit. He then starts fingering her and much to my surprise, the girls actually love it and they do not want these men to stop at any cost.

After the sexy rubbing and the groping, the masseuse then ensues a sex fest for the both of them and here you will see some hardcore anal and pussy fucking, some intense blow job and tit job, and so much more. The sex is amazing and you will love every bit of it. Team Skeet has truly brought the general public something to fantasize about and they did not fail. Oh no sir, they did not. RubATeen is a great source for pleasure and thank the heavens that this jewel exists. So stop lounging about and get yourself your own membership.

A look at the content

RubATeen, just with their site name, is absolutely playful to look at when you get acquainted with their website design. The entirety of the site is colorful but even with that, you would not be steered away from the most amazing content you will ever see. Sure enough, you get your pinks, blues, yellows, and greens but that just maximizes the feels when you step inside and get thoroughly used to the entire site. First of all, you will need to be a premium member if you wish to have access to all their features. Unfortunately, there is no trial version for those of you out there who wish to just ‘try it out’ and all. I assure you though, when you go for the membership, you will not be regretting any of it because this place is heaven. The navigation is very simple and the interface is very user friendly.

Even with the popping colors and the stream of cut out photos of girls, you will always be attracted to the throng of video thumbnails first before anything else. On top of the page, right below the banner that has photos of the girls and the site title, you will see the most vital links. You will get the ‘Home’ button where it will lead you to the main page, you will get the ‘Scenes’ button which will lead you to where all the scenes are, you will get the ‘Girls’ button where you will be led to the model index, and the ‘Members’ button where the members can easily log in and out. Below this is the pagination link, so if you just wish to explore the entire site without a time limit in your mind, I would suggest going for the pagination link. The site will allow you to rate and comment on the videos, as well as add them to your favorites. The model index is there and you may search up your favorite girls. It also contains their portraits, names, and biographies.

Video and stars

The girls on this site right here are all equally gorgeous and they are hot to begin with. With their bodies it is pretty hard to look away. Now, the action is great and it looks even greater because you can watch them in HD quality. For both downloads and streaming, you get the pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080, as well as a slightly lower 1280 x 720. Downloading the scenes can be in MP4 or WMV format while the streaming needs only an embedded Flash player. As we speak, there are 90+ videos in the site and the updates have been going rather fondly.

Membership price

  • $1.00
  • $28.97
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $199.44 – $16.62/Mo.

Final thoughts

In an overall sense, I am totally recommending RubATeen for those of you out there who love getting their girls rubbed in oil and fucked in hardcore ways. Not only is the content a lot, you get really good HD quality for your videos.

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