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If you are the type of guy who would prefer the digital world over the real thing, you will be glad to know that there are a lot of porn sites to look forward to these days. Not only that, there are is bunch of really good quality ones and even the so-so ones look decent enough to warrantee a recommendation. Of course, with the huge influx of porn sites flooding the World Wide Web, you really cannot avoid the truly horrendous ones either. Then again, that in itself depends on the viewers because to each his own, they say. I am sure that one of the things that majority of the guys (or even girls) like is seeing a bunch of fresh girls throw themselves down in the name of passion and pleasure, because why the heck not? As these ladies are enjoying themselves in front of our screens, we can’t help but feel the same way when we see their outstanding and lascivious predicament.

With that in mind, let me introduce to you a very worthwhile porn site that delves deep into your erection: Petite18. Now, Petite18 is just what it essentially sounds like. The site focuses so much on miniscule girls with big personalities to boot. With “big personalities” I mean they are quite the vixens when it comes to sex despite their itty bitty sizes. For a lot of guys, including myself, these sort of girls may bring out our sexual instincts because they are just a blessing and a joy to watch. Not only that, the things they do are deeply and sensationally hardcore. Petite18 is brought to you by the Thick Cash network. The network itself is dedicated to these sort of sites and so you could say they have all the needed experience to come up with something great. Petite18 seems to fit that ideality and boy am I glad I came across such a rare gem. Sure, the theme is not something really new and unique because we often see the same genre plastered all around the Internet these days, but the fact that everything seems to be very well put and produced, is something I consider a rarity.

Rare because not often do I get to find a common theme get depicted in such trashy but classy manner. With Petite18, you will be witnessing a variety of girls do the nasty in different situations. You will be seeing girls giving blow jobs and tug jobs. You will also be seeing girls playing with themselves using toys. Most of the time, you will see these girls get devoured by hungry men who would rather shove their cocks up these ladies’ asses, pussies, and mouths – not to mention you get your fair share of finger banging and pussy licking. The action is jam packed and hardcore, and the sensation just seems as heightened when you realize these guys are not wearing any condoms. Our itty bitty ladies do not seem to mind the huge cock being shoved up their naughty parts and I am pretty darn sure you do not mind either.

A look at the content

Petite18 seems like it is very easy to manage on its own and it is very understandable. The website design is quite simple and because of this I find it easy on the eyes. With the minimalist type of arrangement and construction, Petite18 keeps you focused on the things that matter the most like their actual content. The navigation is very easy and is practically a piece of cake to begin with. The interface is straightforward and essentially convenient, much to my delight. Since the site has been around since 2014, you would expect a whopper of things to do in here but there are just a few. Taking that into account, the site is still undergoing a little bit of upgrading and it actually is showing some results. Before, you could not rate the scenes or the videos, but now, you actually can.

You can rate it from one star to five star, and you will see the overall ratings on the video thumbnails available when you get to see the list of all present scenes. Unfortunately, you still cannot comment on any of the scenes and you can’t seem to add the videos to your favorites (but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will add this feature soon). To make up with that, they provided their members with a much detailed information and photos on the models. Along with the corresponding girl’s photos, you get their names and their biographies. Also, you also get access to 100+ photo sets from the site which you may download in zip files but can also be viewed online via slideshow. The photos have a resolution of 1280 x 720 and is all depicted in hi resolution.

Video and stars

The site speaks for itself when it comes to talking about the kind of girls that is present in here. Petite18 has an exclusive variety of girls that seem to be really fresh. They are as flawless as can be and are all gorgeous. The sexual activities they star in are hardcore and erotic and would make you want to consider keeping one in your house. As we speak, there are about 100+ scenes that are available for watching in the site. These scenes can be downloaded in MP4 or WMV format. The resolution available for both is at 1280 x 720. You may also have the option of viewing the scenes in-browser using an embedded (and updated) Flash player. The same resolution applies to it.

Membership price

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  • $29.90
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $94.80 – $7.90/Mo.

Final thoughts

All in all, Petite18 has a lot of potential. It already has tons of scenes to begin with and majority of it are in high def. The photos are exquisite, as well. I would totally recommend all of those interested (and maybe those who are looking for great porn sites) to check this one out right here.

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