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Very rarely do you see porn flicks with quite the complex plot and everything that comes in between and after. I mean, I am an adventurer. Adventurer in a sense that I literally unearth all sort of porn genres there is to be found. Most of these porn sites have shallow plots , not that I am complaining because shallow plots mean easy sex and they mostly focus on the aftermath rather than the former. I have come across so many oddly themed porn sites and porn flicks and although a lot of these are worth your time, on a few would actually be hard to forget; like it would stick right in your brain. The porn industry has come up with ridiculously but amazing themed videos and even porn sites like girls and their step fathers (which is quite a hit for me), mothers teaching her offspring how to “properly” fuck by screwing her boyfriend, and so much more that will tickle your sensual fancy.

The thing is that these plots are set in liveliness, excitement, and fun (well, all porn stuff are fun). We are so used to these that we have a hard time imagining something else outside of that fence. Then it is time for you to think otherwise because I am going to introduce to you the uniquely, complex porn site that the Fetish Network has brought to us out of good will: TeensInTheWoods. The porn site essentially covers tons of fetishes but mostly focus on hardcore sex and reality porn. The site has not been around for too long, with it being launched only this year (2016). The plot is horror-like and this is something utterly new to me. It shrinks between the thriller type of flicks and these scary movies you hate watching alone. It is mostly girls going on adventurous trips in this part of the woods and they, most of the time, get lost.

The guy present in all the scenes is only one, with name Ranger Rick. It is said that he ensures the safety of the forest and “discipline” the bad girls who step foot inside. After the usual rambles, with really well written and well rehearsed dialogues, the ranger then offers them a ride and takes them somewhere secluded where they will experience the roughest, the most hardcore sex ever. Often times, it is usually between Ranger Rick and a girl (or girls) but sometimes, some lesbian sex happens right here. There are threesomes, as well. These scenes are all wonderfully shot and filmed, and it looks like they have carefully produced their entire list of movies. Since the site has only been around late 2016, there are only a few movies at hand but they last longer than expected. Also, expect great quality and great features. Once you get a taste of this site, you will wind up favoring the intensity of everything you find here.

A look at the content

TeensInTheWoods technically gives out a creepy, thrilling vibe especially when it comes to their uncommon website design. They like to keep it dark and mysterious, at the same time very erotic and hardcore – you can see it quite clearly when you first come across their site. First of all, you will need to sign up for a membership before you can go any further with the entirety of the site’s features. There is an available trial version, that typically lasts for 2 days but the thing itself is limited and you will only be able to watch a thing or two of what is really given. Soon as you are inside, you will notice the huge banner of a sole girl walking towards a furnished cabin that looks awfully suspicious.

Honestly, if this were a real horror movie still, I would be yelling for her to turn around and forget about stepping in there – but, this is porn and I would love to see all the glorious action that is about to be delivered. Below the head banner, you will see a pagination link and these usually contain their latest, hot updates and right below is the newly uploaded movie complete with the date it was put up, the title, the photo stills, the description and a chance to watch the trailer. When you scroll down a little bit further, you will see a mixture of GIFS and video caps that will surely make you more interested. The video caps and GIFS are taken directly from the movies and I do admit these are great representations of what is to come and be expected from the corresponding videos.

Since this porn site s a little too new, there are less things to be done here but that does not make it any less interesting. Because of its little content at the moment, the navigation system is very simple and very straightforward. The interface is very user friendly, as well. As I write, the availability of browsing tools is scarce but with the existence of a pagination link, this becomes very easy to manage since there are not a lot of scenes to begin with. TeensInTheWoods currently has eight photo sets, with roughly 80 photos inside that are absolutely hi res and can be downloaded individually or in zip files. All these are certainly very exclusive but you cannot put any comments on anything nor rate them.

Video and stars

TeensInTheWoods is very unique and they love to surprise us with the number of hot ladies who are extra fresh. These beauties love the hardcore things that Ranger Rick does to them. Right now, there are only 8 movies available but each of these movies is full length and lasts a solid 45 minutes. Also, these are all very high definition, with a steady resolution of 1920 x 1080. You may watch them in your browser or download them in MP4 format.

Membership price

  • FREE
  • $39.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $200.04 – $16.67/Mo.

Final thoughts

It was my first time dealing with something so unique, and with the length and quality each video gets, it just seems really good. So, I am recommending this to everyone who strongly loves a fair share of the unique.

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