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Hello my fellow hunters out there! I know it’s been a long hunt for finding those legit and trustworthy sites that can really sooth your satisfaction, but no need to worry! That’s exactly why I’m here, and why you’re reading this. While I was wondering about in the internet, I came upon this site ‘Pornstar Platinum’ at first I was a little suspicious, you ask me why? Simply because everything in this site is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! But let’s not draw a conclusion just yet, let’s see what this site has to offer one by one shall we?

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A look at the content

Let’s kick this off first with this website’s design and navigation process, the moment you enter the site, you will notice the simplicity and diversity of your options. You are presented with categories, scenes, live shows and the ever beloved home button. As you navigate through the sites you will also be welcomed by pictures, slides and backgrounds of these amazing girls, even while I was surfing through this site, every click and glance I take gets me fired up! But other than all the nice navigation and design this site actually takes time to profile and give you accurate info about their girls! This site will be giving you a profile panel so you can get to check out all the hot stuff they can dish out.

The moment you enter their site, you will notice, as I’ve mentioned, their slides. In the slides you will see how they can feature their exotic girls like in a movie! Yes, my friends! You will witness the girls in their peak moments in those precious slides, and you’re just one click away to seeing them at their full performance! Now why don’t we feast our eyes a little on their logo, other logos may seem a little symbolic or maybe something funny, but this one’s sure to get your fire running! It looks like a girl on all fours ready to get the game on! You know what they say “a good logo delivers!” well just seeing their logo got me calling for one delivery right away!

Video and stars

Now why don’t we talk about the one we’re all waiting for… THE GIRLS! I know you might think, “oh their just average ladies like I’ve seen from other sites”, well I’d hate to prove you wrong but that’s just what I’m about to do… first off you can check off the girls they’ve got in the profile tab, as I’ve mentioned earlier, and there you will find their girls. At first they may seem like another girl from another porn site. But don’t run away just yet! These girls they hold in their site has won a lot of awards lately! Give me a moment to mention only some of them.

Amy Brooke, a beautiful and nasty woman with a fire inside, she was nominated Best Group Sex Scene AVN Award 2014, Best Double Penetration Sex SceneAVN Award 2014, she won Most Outrageous Sex Scene AVN Award 2014, and also nominated Superslut X-Rated Critics 2012, and 2011. If you’ve been following these awards, you know by heart that this girl is not someone to be taken lightly! Now let’s head to another hot chick, as you all may know, the customer is always right, but when it comes to porn, what fans want is what really matters, this girl’s name is Peta Jesnesn, she may not be that big on the big names and big awards, but for the fans?

She’s got them all crawling for her. She was AVN Awards 2016 Nominee: Fan Award: Best Boobs, AVN Awards 2016 Nominee: Best Group Sex Scene, Orgy Masters 7 (2015), AVN Awards 2016 Nominee: Best New Starlet, AVN Awards 2016 Nominee: Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene, Bra Busters 6 (2014), AVN Awards 2016 Nominee: Fan Award: Social Media Star, AVN Awards 2016 Nominee: Fan Award: Hottest Newcomer, Spank Bank Awards 2016 Nominee: Newcummer of the Year, Spank Bank Awards 2016 Nominee: Boobalicious Babe of the Year, and lastly Spank Bank Awards 2016 Nominee: Pussy of the Year. Why did I mention all these awards? Because these awards are mostly fan awards, and if you’re a fan just like them, I know you’ll love her the way these fans do! Now I’m going to feature one last girl from their site.

If you’re looking for a knockout hotty actress that does REALLY well on the camera, then this one girl is for you! Her name is Eva Notty, she starred in 2015 Moms in Control 2, 2015 Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 9, 2015 Lex’s Breast Fest 5, , 2015 Hot Cars and HotBabes, 2014 Moms in Control, It’s Too Big! (2014), 2014 Our Family Trust, 2014 My Friend’s Hot Mom 43, 2014 Tits for Hire, 2014 Busty Lovers, 2014 I’m Gonna Bang Your Mother, 2014 Seduced by a Cougar 30, 2014 Big Titty Mommas 3, 2014 Double D+ Lesbians, 2014 Fuck My Wife… Please!,2013 Please Fuck My Tits 2, 2013 Fuck My Mom and Me 18, 2013 Lesbian Parties, 2013 TittyCreampies 2, 2013 Hot and Mean, 2012 Your Mom Tossed My Salad 9, 2012 Mommy Got Boobs 15 and also 2012 Big Titty MILFS 17, and there are tons more she starred in that I may not have the time to mention! But not only are the girls good, their beauty would not matter if the video quality can’t catch up to their jaw dropping complexity. That’s why Pornstar Platinum has made sure their video definition is set to High Quality all the way. It’s like seeing these girls through a window pain.

Final thoughts

After seeing all this website has to give, its high time I give my un-biased opinion, if you’re a hardcore fan of these amazing ladies and would want to experience them through your screen to the best you could ever get, then this website is for you.

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