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Never heard about Brazil Bang?


Have you ever seen so much ass bouncing around your screen? I doubt it very much. Brazil Bang prides itself on being able to bring you a selection of bootylicious chicks who can bounce, twerk and grind their way into your wank bank without any problem. The dark skinned ladies are sensuous and sexy and when they aren’t getting fucked hardcore, they are making moves that will turn heads.

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A look at the content

The site is very much about using green and black to contrast the layout of the site. There is a preview video and banner at the top of the page, with a selection of video thumbnails across the rest of it. These thumbnails give you a snippet from the scene, with information on the actresses featured, a byline, the length of the video and also the number of photos that are in the attached image gallery. This layout works pretty well, but it can be a little too much information on one page at times.

Navigation works a charm and I had no issues with page load speeds or responsiveness. The site structures its pages for the categories home, Brazil Bang scenes, affiliate network, members’ area and signing up.

There is a specially designed mobile device layout for this site and it works well on my tablet and phone. I was able to access the videos easily, which was the most important part, but also the site was displayed clearly and remained easy to use, responsive and data efficient.

Video and stars

With about 100 videos to choose from, some might say that the site’s selection is quite limited. But being dedicated to the specific niche of the Brazilian Booty, these videos represent a collection of some real ass shaking finery. The girls are dark, the men even darker. Their curves are pretty incredible, with big tits and wide hips they have figures that you really want to see bouncing up and down in your lap. The scenes include a lot of different acts, with orgies being a popular staple on the site. They also feature facials, deep throat, anal and spit roasting.

Everyone in the scenes has a professional air to them, but in typical latin spirit the videos tend to be a bit more free form and look a little bit less professional. This isn’t a problem though as the fun energy of the videos makes a change to the static and stuffy style in more American style porn. The video quality does seem to be quite high though and many of the videos feature great direction, scene setup and composition. Filmed in a mixture of HD and SD, the resolution of videos can drop a little but never very low.

Videos last anywhere from 1 to 40 minutes but average about 25 minutes for a usual scene. There are picture galleries for each of the scenes, containing photos from the same shoot. These can include upwards of 100 to 400 photos, depending on the scene, the number of girls etc.

For membership deals, the site is an affiliate of the Filth Freaks, so they use their membership system, which gives subscribers access to the whole Filth Freaks network. Plans start at 1 day deals and go all the way up to a year, making them affordable for any pocket.

Final thoughts

If you’re having sleepless nights, then maybe you need to be hypnotized to help you sleep. I guarantee that watch the asses shake on Brazil Bang will hypnotize you without any problem and you will be having dreams of bubble buts all night long.

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