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In all my life as a guy, I never really cared about how my girl’s pussy would look like because I like indulging in the pleasure of putting it inside rather than looking at it in that view. However, not all guys are like me and like to fuss about pussy hair. I do not have any complaints about that because I have been exposed to plenty of porn sites that tackle this sort of thing and made it bigger than anything. Yes, I am talking about pussy hair. Apparently, not all guys appreciate this one and a good number of guys actually feel rather horny when shaving a lady’s pussy hair. I have yet to try it out in real life but after watching several porn sites that go deep when it comes to this sort of theme, I see the beauty of it now.

There is just something about a girl’s shaved pussy that heightens a man’s inhibitions. One of the reasons could probably be because you get to see it bare and unhindered. Yes, that certainly could be one of the reasons. So if you are the type of person who enjoys watching porn with shaved pussies, then you will love JPShavers. Naturally JPShavers would mean Japanese (JP) shavers. The girls here are of Japanese descent and despite the fact that most Japanese adult sites like flaunting girls with unshaved muffs, the female population here are most definitely shaved and cleaned up. You will see their full cherries without the hair and it certainly is a sight to behold.

The ladies here are fresh faced Japanese girls who has knack for delving into the deep when it comes to sex. These Japanese girls love flaunting their newly shaved beavers and engaging in different sex scenes that will surely give you the proper boner. In all actuality, I was not sure what to make of this porn site but looks like I am enjoying it quite too much – more than I expected, honestly. JPShavers is under the management of Idol Bucks and has been around since September 2010. The site itself has grown to be quite big in a sense and is still having their daily updates.

A look at the content

JPShavers is known for their adult content that features girls with shaved pussies. The site may even sound a little innocent than the norm but it is far from that. For the most part, JPShavers’ has a rather simple site design. It is minimalistic and the makers made sure that it is as clean as they pussies they featured. With the white background and the black font colors, JPShavers has once again proven that they can have quality without making it look like they are trying so hard. Because of the site’s simplicity, it is easy to concentrate on the content rather than with how it looks like. The navigation here is very easy to manage, with links found on the very top of the site. Also, its straightforwardness will most likely keep you attached and not confused.

The user interface is an absolute delight to work with and the arrangement of the site seems orderly enough to warrant a prosperous thumbs up. In an overall sense, the site’s design and layout is good enough and can even pass as something magnificent. Minimalistic but certainly still stands out. The content here can be found in different locations, more so in the main page where you will see countless video thumbnails that when clicked will most certainly prompt you to a page where the full length video is to be found. The video thumbnails have really lewd photos that represent them. They are also titled and you can find the names of the starring porn stars right at the bottom of the title.

You can also see the duration of how long the video will in the thumbnail itself. In here, as a member, you can comment on the videos, you can rate them, and you can add them to your favorites so you can access them later on without any hassles. The links on top consist of the home button, the videos button, the DVD’s button, the models’ button, the categories, the network button, the why us button, the tags button, and the support button. Next to it, further to the right, you will see a magnifying glass icon which when pressed will show you the advanced search bar.

Next to it is the log in button where you will only need to input your user name and password to get through. The site has a model index where you can find a rather very informative biography of your favorite Japanese chicks. The categories link can also serve as a drop down menu for categories and from here you can find different categories that still feature shaved pussies. Along with your JPShavers membership, you get to access other porn sites for free under the same porn network. Do not forget to check these out.

Video and stars

The girls of this porn site are all Japanese and they are as fresh faced as ever. Majority of them are fresh but certainly know how to work their way around throbbing cocks. One thing that sets these girls on the same level are their cleanly shaved beavers, other than that, they are physically different. They do, however, engage in hardcore sex in threesomes, foursomes, orgies, gang bangs, and so much more. They have lesbian sex, kimono sex, masturbation videos, stockings, and voyeurs. The scenes amount to 450+ now and can be viewed using your browser or download in MP4 format. Not all videos are in HD but some are. It usually has a pixel resolution of 720 x 408. Not bad, in my opinion.

Membership price

  • $1.00
  • $39.99
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $155.88 – $12.99/Mo.

Final thoughts

If you love watching shaved Asian girls in all their lewd glory, then you will certainly love this site. There is so much potential in here and I am certain that it is going to grow even more. The site right now is mind blowing as it is but they are still improving a lot, too.

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