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If you think about it, we’re all voyeurs but nature. Voyeurism is when a person gets sexual gratification from observing naked people or sexual acts done by others, especially if it is done without their knowledge. Scandal On Stage acknowledges how this appeals to some people and the demands that come along with it, which is why they have decided to meet those demands. Scandal On Stage has been around since November 2011 and 5 years of being around is a pretty big deal. They started out with break out gigs and the best resolution 2011 technology had to offer.

Now, they’re hosting large shows, and have better quality videos. Take note, these are not just some private party booked in an exclusive hotel ballroom. Scandal On Stage prides itself for an ocular spectacle that needs a space bigger than your town recreational center. Imagine it like a football game in those large stadiums held on Thanksgiving. It has become a sexy circus with a few sideshows and a main attraction that’ll blow you away.

A look at the content

Once you log on the website, you’re greeted with the latest updates. Every week, they feature a new movie along with some screen capture. There are various monthly membership types being offered that cost less than a meal for one at a fast food joint, which is pretty cheap. In return, you not only get to view the videos and picture galleries, but you can download them as well. On top of that, you get access to 80 of their sister websites and two sister networks along with their content. If you sign up for the three month subscription, you’ll have access to live viewing of performance. One of the very special features in Scandal On Stage is their bonus galleries.

As of writing this, they have close to 113 sets of fetish photos. Now, when I say fetish photos, they are not just cute models in sexy leather outfits holding a riding crop no, these women go beyond that. There are contortionists doing flexible poses, a fetish model doing some solo dildo action, two ladies having some sexy fun, a man getting pleasured by two ladies and the occasional stills of the live performance, which sometimes links you to the video. Sure 113 galleries sounds pretty measly, but bear in mind that there’s at least 44 pictures in each gallery, sometimes coming up to even 403 photos in one gallery.

Let’s say there’s at least 100 photos per gallery and if you do the math, that’s about 11,300 photos minimum. Not to mention the gallery sets increases weekly! They offer downloading for both videos and photos in high resolution and, for those who want to save a copy on their mobile devices, in medium to lower resolution. For registered members, they will get something called a Crazy Fetish Pass. A Crazy Fetish Pass is basically your access to the bonus websites that goes along with the membership.

Video and stars

The Scandal On Stage female models are more than the blonde haired sticks everyone is accustomed to. They’re a diverse bunch of women of different shapes, sizes and races, but they all have a common theme, and that’s their love of being an exhibitionist. You might be wondering what the difference Scandal On Stage female models are compared to the regular models. Regular adult video models have the opportunity to take breaks, and let their editing team do the magic, but with live shows like these, these women work really hard to perform on stage. Some of them go to the gym not just to look sexy, but to have enough stamina to please and entire crowd just but showing her moves on stage.

As mentioned before, their earlier videos are in low quality compared to today’s standards, but they hear you and they’re now producing better quality videos. The action and video quality makes up for the blaring sound, which is to be expected when you’re in a large hall watching a threesome doing it to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. You can barely see the audience but you can hear them cheer for the performers. As of writing this, there are 214 videos which more or less make it to four videos per month. For a live performance website, that’s twice more than the usual. Not a lot of people know thi,s but much like a normal TV show, it takes time, money and strict planning to have an entire show put on.

The fact that Scandal On Stage delivers more than two videos per month is a feat in itself. They’ve been around for nearly five years and not a lot of porn website live that long. It’s becoming apparent that they know what they’re doing when working. As every video is uploaded, it comes with a date so you’ll know which new ones you haven’t watched yet. See something you like but can’t watch it now? No worries, that’s what the favorites collection is for! In my experience, it is much easier to favorite a video, so when I come home to my faster internet connection, I can have it ready in just a few minutes.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

Scandal On Stage is not your typical porn site, that’s for sure. Their high quality videos and content are good enough on their own, the live stream of their stage shows and the access to 80 other websites and to their two sister networks is just barely the cherry on top. Compare these benefits to the membership price being offered and it is very much worth every penny. Scandal On Stage is possibly the only website that wholly fulfills the wishes of every voyeur and based on the growing membership they have obtained over the years, it’s no doubt that they’re the best when it comes to fetish voyeurism porn.

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