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Hi fellas! There has been a lot of pornsites popping all over the place recently. Makes you wonder, is there really such a thing as THE BEST PORN SITE out there? Well there might be all kinds of porn sites claiming they are number one, but let me tell you this. Have you ever seen a porn site that even Hollywood is interested in? When I said Hollywood, I meant the celebrities that you see on the movies! I bet you haven’t seen that yet huh? Well welcome to Jamesdeen.

This porn site is filled with superior hardcore performance by film actor and porn star James Deen! You might have seen him on some movies before but now he’s turning into a full blown porn star! The way he handles porn may be a little bit new for you because both men and women alike are enflamed by how he fucks these amazing girls.

But I guess it wouldn’t pose such a surprise for some because James Deen has been doing this for years now. So if you’re looking for a man in porn that does the way you think? Then we’ve found him. He’s about to bring your active mind into stuff that would totally catch you off guard and entertain you really good.

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A look at the content

Welcoming you at the very beginning are the featured videos of today! You’ll see that huge slideshow that’s showing you these awesome captured moments of James Deen and these gorgeous women. It’s going to be presented by popularity and date so you’ll have a nice bundle of the site’s best updates right from the homepage. Also if you scroll down you’ll see the updates and latest stuff that’s been going on in the site! These updates also have their respective pages and categories so you’ll be directed to that page once you choose a video.

I really appreciate the arrangements of these videos on their homepage. Really makes it easy for the users Now I’m just gonna go right ahead and give you the best parts of his website’s features. Do you see that big sign that says, APPLY NOW? Now some of you might be wondering, “is this a job application?” or “do they lack crew or something?”. Well that’s not actually the case here. You see. James Deen is really popular. Not just average kind of popular. I mean, he’s REALLY POPULAR. Popular enough to gain fans even from the land of holly! I’m not joking here! You’ll see Hollywood stars wanting to do some scenes with this guy! They even have an entire gallery dedicated to seeing celebrities having some fucking good time! Now let’s get back to that “APPLY NOW” sign. Once you click it, you’ll be directed to a page that offers you a chance to actually fuck James Deen in REAL LIFE! Great news to all you ladies out there!

You deserve a man that could actually show you how it’s done every once in a while! So why not choose James Deen Himself! You just need to pass some requirements like photos, locations, biography and something about yourself. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pose like some porn star or even edit your photos… James wants to see the real you! Now that’s an offer that’s hard to deny! But also make sure you’re not camera shy! Because the next page we’ll be talking about is this Hardcore Page. On this page, of course, you’ll be seeing all the Hardcore Stuff that James has been doing to Porn stars and celebrities alike.

But if you happen to be part of the Fan Fuck promo. You may actually be featured on this Hardcore page! Now to the men, this is fucking great news! This just might be the best amateur set of videos you’ll ever find out there! Man I love authenticity! Big plus points for him over here! Now why don’t we talk about the people behind this site!

Video and stars

The models and pornstars on James Deen will be filled by a lot of familiar faces. You’ll notice on the Pornstar’s page, almost every porn star that has reached the top rankings of the porn world will be featured here on this site! But not only that! There are also celebrities here! I wasn’t joking about what I said earlier dude! You’ll actually see celebs doing all kinds of positions! From missionaries, to doggy styles, to jack knives and anything else! You might wonder why these celebrities put up with these stunts. Simple, THEY LOVE IT! They love every single moment of it!

Especially the hardcore ones! Also watch out for those Fan Fuck sessions! Those are, what I’d call, the best of the best! Seeing these fans reaction when doing porn for the very first time is REALLY AMAZING. You’d even get blown before the fucking session has even started! It’s REALLY REAL! I mean, it’s really the fans themselves! The video quality is no poor thing as well. The resolutions are big enough to fit your widescreen TV! So you better be ready!

Final thoughts

Man, I don’t know how to end this. This site has displayed quite a show for its audience! I doubt there’ll be site that’s hosted that’s HALF AS GOOD as this one! The JamesDeen Website has really invested a lot on James Deen, and believe me, that was the best choice they’ve done so far.

The videos’ content and quality are amazing unlike anything I’ve seen before, especially the fan fucks! So if you’re looking for a site that has all your favorite porn stars, has some celebrity presence, and some perfect amateur shoots as well. Then your venture is over. They’ve got everything you’ll ever hope to find here at Jamesdeen.

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