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Never heard about GGG Devot?


In case you never knew what ‘GGG’ initials in GGG Devot stand for, I will let you know. They stand for German Goo Girls, and they are part of John Thompson series. The acronyms imply that gals are getting gooey with piss and jizz. Devot is a German phrase to mean being submissive. When the two words are combined, you have a very great European adult amusement website you will ever come across.

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A look at the content

I will begin by giving credits to the site design. The engineers and collaborators of GGG Devot knew what they were doing. The navigation is seamless and moving around is very simple. The layout really impressed me and the color scheme they incorporated here is amazing. Your quality is great, and I did not have any complaints regarding the filming and the resolutions. You are getting 3 options per download as well as stream at best. The greatest I came across was sized at 640 X 480 and with bitrates of 1220 kilobytes per second.

When streaming, it buffered seamlessly. It was just nice and fast, I loved the way it ran without any problems. Full screen was great and you have volume panels to utilize, too. Click for full screen and you have the flash box unlocking distinctly and the player still functioning, so look out for that. Downloads were of similar qualities with 3 alternatives, which are AVI and DivX and some were more than 1 gigabyte is size. Image can be viewed online or even saved as zip sets.

Video and stars

The action inside GGG Devot is precisely as you view in the tour and is sometimes, full-brown. Gangs of pussy hungry males are standing as they surround one and they are pissing on her. She then gulps it down, she bubbles it up in her mouth. Also I did see a lot of blow jobs, fuck scenes, cum drinking and cum-play and all, normally, with a type of impressive club ambience revolving around. The capturing of the films is hand-held and one gets right in near the action, the visual are great and the sound is audible as well. Take a look at a trailer or even two and anticipate full length tapes, over an hour each, and every kind of moist and naughty kink from these wild chicks. Therefore, good and long DVDs to gather and all on aim.

There are few galleries and in them, you find anywhere from 55 to 150 photos in them, and that is it. The images will display at 1000 X 562 in size and are captured when shooting. These screen caps click up to 999 x 562 in size and there were around 70 per galleries, though numbers vary I noticed how the films begin with a number of above-board repudiations, at all times a sign of mad fetish delight unfolding, and the get straight into the sizzling things with dudes urinating on gals. There are no greetings of any kind! In fact they might begin with some picked highlights prior to settling down into the ideal stuff in here. Gals licking gal’s cherries whilst being fucked from behind, and urinated on simultaneously. Males urinating in one chick’s mouth as she is being banged and she passed it into another chick’s mouth and this time she is being butt-raided anally and whilst a team of other dudes stand around urinating and getting off on them. You get loads of content and lots of extras when you sign up.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the content in here is just amazing. The rich hardcore bukkake and pissing action, will make it harder for anyone out there hard to complain. Even though the price tag in on the upper side, there is yet something worthwhile.

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