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Blowjobs have become ever so frequent in the porn industry, and many have strived to make the perfect video of it, from pornstarts to newborn actors and actresses, getting their career to rise. Yet, none of them have ever succeeded in making such a video, simply because it had acting in it. Perfect blowjobs are done by amateurs, in real life, and those who are generous enough to film it do share it on JizzPix, where you would get to see them.

A look at the content

The site is designed in such a way that the blowjobs and the facials and creampies become the most important thing at first glance. And at second glance, they remain the most important thing, as the very logo of the site is next to a smiling spermatozoid, one that signals the forthcoming content. Below you would be able to find many previews, showing girls getting on some hard cocks, and then getting facials and creampies, too. The site is there to help you find those favorites, with options that sort the videos to sub categories, as well as add the usefulness of a search bar, if you have a clearer preference. Yet, the site is helpful in more ways than one, providing you with a lovely browsing experience, one that is not at all slow. Getting to see the videos quickly, and the photos too, is something everyone likes, so that is a big plus for the site. Likewise, it is great on mobile devices, showing great optimization and customer care.

Video and stars

This site would be great, yet no so much without the content, which makes it absolutely irresistible. Seeing girls get down on some huge cocks, black or white, and take them up and swallow all the cum is something that has got me horny and has never failed, so far. The girls love fucking, too, so some of them prefer having their pussies and asses ravaged by a huge dick, or more, before proceeding to suck it off to an explosion. Some of the girls prefer having that same dick inside their pussy or ass when it explodes, giving way to a very nice creampie. The girls do tend to show off their skills and preferences in all the kinkiest ways, which makes for very different and very enjoyable content. I would love to add that the girls are different, in looks and in preferences.

Some love having an extra pair of hands and a mouth to aid them in their time of cock loving, while others prefer enjoying as many cocks as humanly possible at times. Therefore, you can expect to see different content, yet all of it will satisfy you, in ways that you cannot possibly imagine until you take a look. The videos are of a different resolution, too, ranging from full HD to your average mobile phone camera, one that makes pixelated, yet very raw and engaging videos. I loved seeing those videos, especially from post offices and such strange locations that you would not expect people fucking at. Joining this site becomes easy with only a few clicks, something you should not miss out on, especially because of the great, regularly updated content.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

If a facial is what you prefer, and you love seeing it raw and unfiltered, without any stars or actors and actresses, then this site is for you, getting you to see all the fun in just a moment’s notice, and for a very cheap fee, too.

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