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There are lots of things to do when your current girlfriend dump you because of several reasons. When you love her more than anything else, there is a chance that you can have some kind of emotional sickness or sort of emotional issues. For an instance, there’s a girl that looks like your ex that bumps into you. Suddenly, you realize that she is, in fact, your ex-girlfriend and she is with someone better, richer or cooler than you.

This situation is terrible that will break your heart even more so. But, just like the old saying, shake it off and don’t get mad, get even. This is what GFRevenge amateur porn site brings to you. The site encourages you to set aside your anger and be happy because it’s payback time.

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A look at the content

Okay, since your bitch is gone I highly suggest just to jerk it off for the meantime. The taste of sweet revenge is just a few clicks away. If you want to get instant cash, it’s time for you to let go and share your nasty sex experiences with your ex-girlfriend. It’s actually a win-win situation since the site will pay you instantly after uploading your homemade video and your ex together with her new boyfriend will absolutely get pissed. I encourage you can stay a bit longer and discover some of the filthiest things.

The site’s content will raise your spirits using your own palm as your bitch for the time. In here, you’ll find different folks with different strokes from blowjobs, pussy licking banging, and ramming. The site makes sure that you are going to love the things you will see. Though it is a site that offers amateurs video, the qualities are above average. Touring the page is easy thanks to its simplicity and the navigation panel. Apparently, the navigation bar offers only three options and it is quite impressive. They keep it simple and straightforward. The homepage offers wide varieties of amateur scenes to choose from.

The next page is the member’s log and the third one is the instant access page. No gobbledygook, no fuzzies and definitely no annoying ads. Scrolling down the main page keeps me to wonder if the site is really providing amateur videos. Assessing the quality of the videos made me think that these videos were made by professionals or porn producers. But, hell who cares? As long as the site provides me what I wanted to see, I’ve got no problem with that.

There are over than 400 videos that will make your lonely night pleasurable. As the site claims, there are homemade recorded by amateurs so expect that there will be shaking, blurred angles, and poor lightings. But as far as the quality is concern I can tell that this is not just your ordinary amateur videos. The length of the videos may vary depending on the scenes. Some scenes were taken with waffles but all in all, I could say that they are worth waiting for.

These videos are available for streaming and download. They can be watched using different bandwidths and formats such as MP4 and flash. When it comes to video submissions, quite frankly I am a bit of lost where should I start uploading my personal homemade videos. (I’ve got lots of them yah know). I need to be part of the online community before sharing some of my good stuff. There are photos available from the site and most of these are screenshots from the actions included. You can see these photos when you click on a certain scene. They will be automatically generated to the page where you can transfer them to your hard drive by using zip files.

Video and stars

The quality of the videos really surprises me a lot. I never know if their site is telling the truth about these videos coming from a bunch of amateurs. It is like watching porn production by professional producers. I’m expecting that the qualities may be average or amateurish shots. However, the site delivers qualities further beyond my expectation. (Better not to share my videos). Giving the site a benefit of a doubt, probably it is because there are so many talented individuals these days thanks to the technology.

There are some actions whereas the girl does not realize that her boyfriend uses a hidden camera and do the naughty things he does. I was also surprised that some dudes really know how to make their own POV shots. I could say that they have the potential in this kind of business. One thing I observed when touring and watching some videos. Most of the guys have huge cocks like the porn dudes we usually see in porn films. Quite frankly, I felt so puny seeing such an enormous anaconda looking black dick. The girl could not even swallow it because of its size.

So, the guy just rams it into her poor pussy again, again and again. For threesome action, there is a certain video I would love to recommend. It’s a combination of interracial sensual sex scenes featuring a Mexican looking guy, a blonde bitch, and a black beauty. He will hammer the white bitch first with his angry cock penetrating the pussy. Then the black girl will strip off her pants and rub her pussy to the guy’s tongue. It is quite annoying knowing the fact that the guy fucked these bitches off then the site gave him good money. Does it?

Final thoughts

As for you, it’s time for you to move on and by all means upload your homemade videos at the GFRevenge amateur porn sites. Everyone deserves a break even naughty guys like you do. Now for horny guys out there who want to see quality amateur videos, I could say that this could be the perfect spot. However, make sure the take a deep breath because there is a chance that you might see your current girlfriend hitting by other dudes. Ciao!

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