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Never heard about Dirty Coach?


As the name implies the Dirty-Coach porn site features horny coaches from the gym educating their learners to execute the exercise properly. But, there is a catch, after an intense workout, one way to cool down or stretch up a bit is by having a good sex. Well, if this particular gym is existing, well, count me in. Once in my life, we had a dirty coach when I and my horndogs pals went to a certain academy.

Back then, we are so jealous about the fact that this guy in the authority to do almost anything he wanted to do to fresh chicks he teaches. He can touch them on their arms, smooth white legs and I also remember one time that this coach touches the breast of my crush. I could say that he really needs to take a shower more often because of being dirty. So much for that, let’s move on to the real deal.

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A look at the content

As I enter the site, the girls featured on the site caught my attention instantly. Okay, I know that this is a porn site, but they feature beautiful girls wearing their sportswear, leggings, and sneakers. The coaches, however, are holding their legs, their hips or telling them what to do next. There is no nudity that often appears in front of you when entering the site. Not, until you scroll down the page a bit. You will discover that these lovely chicks are as dirty as their coaches. See them as they are being banged with their coaches from behind on the bench and other thingamajigs you often see in the gym. They get down and dirty before, during or after the session is over.

See a coach where he will fuck the hell out of his bitch after three rounds of boxing bag session. I was surprised and amazed about this certain chicks who can stretch her legs wide while her coach licks her vulva and such her clits. I’m losing my concentration here seeing these beautiful ladies with their dirty coaches. Seeing the sights and features are enough, it’s time for me to be part of it. The join now button is at the top of the screen so I immediately click this one and transported me to the transaction page. Here, you see another set of images featuring hot girls together with their coach but there is more than that.

Moreover, it’s over than forty sites with the price of one. But, the way the site looks, I guess I have to stay here further. There are over than 200 videos available in streaming and downloads. There are no descriptions and the videos are not dated. But who cares anyway when they provide 10 and more images included each video. They can be watch in several video formats such as Windows Media, MP4, and Flash. The site itself is fully responsive meaning you can access this one anytime and anywhere using your mobile devices as long as you have a decent internet connection. All of the fuck scenes took place in the gym and I can tell that these girls are amazing. They have many factors in common like they all look lovely, they want to stay in shape, and they like the way their coaches treats them.

Video and stars

The girls wanted to maintain their figure and that’s a fact because all of them have great body figures. They are so yummy and I’m longing to taste each one of them. What I love in particular are their cute asses and perfect 10 body figure. They are so sexy and I can tell that their sex lives are healthy as their bodies. See them as they get naked while working out in the gym. There’s an angle looking white chick who prefers to do the squat butt naked as her coach will make sure that she will not get injured. Her butt will slow and easily rub the coach’s dick while bending over. The coach really likes what she does until the execution is over.

After 12 reps in 3 sets, it’s time to cool down and what a great way to do that is by licking the coach’s dick. Instead of Gatorade or water, she prefers to drink a warm jizz provided by her coach. There’s another scene where the coach tells the girl to bend over nice, slow and easy. It seems like the coach likes her ass so much so he intentionally slaps the butt. The girl does not mind at all and continues stretching for warmups. After a while, the coach will help her out how to stay fit using the ball. She will execute some few exercise while the coach starts to jerk off right beside her. It seems like the girl wants to suck the dick off. So, eventually, the girl helps her coach out by milking the dick. But this is far from over as the coach will fuck her out and make her adorable pussy wet.

Watching this particular video is very sensual indeed as they torrid kisses each other often while the guy continues pounding her pussy all over. There are solo scenes which are mind blowing such as there is a certain bitch uses the hard metal bar as dildo. She uses a lubricant to make sure that every inch of the piece of the metal will slide to her vulva.

Final thoughts

I always like to become the person in charge in our office. But, it seems like impossible when you consider my performance. But there is a good alternative in order to become the person on authority and that is to become a health coach or a gym instructor.

This is what the Dirty-Coach porn site is all about. Seeing beautiful girls as they stretch and they make their bodies sweat are not enough for pleasure sake. You have to try each and one of them and see for yourself what they are made of.

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