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Never heard about Twinks?


Are you a porn fan? Well, you clearly are because you would not be reading this article if you were not. Our next question is, are you a dude? This is not surprising, right? The reason is because the odds are high that you probably are since the majority of porn fans are dudes. However, here in our office, we actually write porn for all porn lovers out there, regardless of their gender preference. While most of our reviews were written with straight guys in mind, we still try our best to cater to the porn needs of other people too. And in this light, the porn site that we are going to review today is specially made for our gay brothers out there. So, if you’re gay and you love porn, then you are definitely in the right place right now.

We are going to talk about twinks today. I seriously doubt that a gay person would not understand what I’m talking about, but for the sake of those who have just encountered this term for the first time, then we’ll go ahead and explain the genre a bit before finally moving on to the porn site. Twinks are the term used for fresh gay dudes who have not yet fully grown into the muscular manly type of guy. Hence, they are a bit lean and lanky on the side.

An obvious characteristic that all twinks share is having a completely hairless body. No chest hair. Nada. As opposed to those big bulky and hairy types of men. This is the reason why if some people ask us that they think they want to explore gay porn; this is the niche that we suggest most of the time. This is because their themes are also mostly beginner stuff, and the scenes are usually all nice and clean fun. And now that we all have a clear picture of what twink is, then this is probably a good time to discuss the porn site that we are going review already. It is simply named, Twinks, after all.

It is an absolute no-brainer. It is part of the XXX Cinema porn network, which, according to the site, is your number one resource of awesome gay porn videos. Other porn sites that you might want to take a look at Laughing Asians (where you are going to enjoy Asian gay men) and Cocksure Men (if for instance you are ready for more mature guys already beyond the twinks that you are going to see here on Twinks). And these are but two of them – there are certainly other porn sites left for you to explore. And now, let us talk about site membership.

There are two main types of membership options: recurring plans and non-recurring plans. For those recurring options, there are two: a one month plan and a three-month plan (this comes with one month for free!). For the non-recurring options, these are a six-month option and a one-year plan.

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A look at the content

The site’s homepage, in a nutshell, is really busy. There are certainly a lot of things going on in the Twinks’ landing page. Now, don’t be mistaken, we don’t mean this to be a negative factor. In fact, we think that what they did was a very good and effective use of space. There are certainly other porn sites out there that tend to lean towards a minimalist type of website design, only to produce a website that is hard to explore and only offers limited information.

This porn site, on the other hand, has a really user-friendly interface. You have everything that you will ever need and want to see all in one page! In fact, there is no need for their users to take a look at the other pages of the site anymore because the homepage is already enough to present a great deal of content. You would just need to access other pages when you are in need of something more specific – like the list of the other porn sites within the XXX Cinema porn network.

But other things like their current videos, hottest models, and other types of site updates – all of these are already clearly presented on the first page of the site and can be seen in just a few scrolls. Cool, right? If only other porn sites were designed this way.

Video and stars

Anyway, let us now move on to the next part of the review: the dudes. As what we have mentioned a while ago, there are different types of gay men or different aesthetics, and these different types dictate the type of porn niche that you are going to watch. For instance, we have the bear type where you are going to see really big and hairy guys (thus the name), pound each other hardcore style.

Then, we also have hardcore types (which shows really tough guys – the usual scenes are jail porn and military style). For this porn site, though, they focus on the twink type of dudes which are geared towards the most innocent type of guys. They are fresh looking, and always look like they just finished shaving. We love the fact, though, that they have presented every type of twink imaginable through this site. With that said, you can expect to see different kinds and nationalities of twinks.

Final thoughts

These are the reasons why we totally recommend this porn site to any twink porn lover out there. If you are looking for twink porn videos, then what better porn site to get it from other than the Twinks porn site itself, right? If you would also want to explore other genres of gay porn, then we also suggest for you to take a look at their network page. There are other cool stuff and sites in there that any gay porn fan would enjoy watching.

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