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Never heard about Hairy And Raw?


BareFilms proudly launched HairyAndRaw five years ago. This is an adult site that features all the encounters of men who love ‘getting it’ from the back. The only catch is that these performers love fucking other men. The site hosts many big-bellied and slender men who want the world to share in their kinky fun. The mix of content that HairyAndRaw makes for is the kind that we die to watch. The question as to the real sexuality of these men can only be answered by the site’s producers. They may be real gays, bisexuals or straight men who are looking for a little fun, adventure and exploration. Either way, entertainment is on a high.

HairyandRaw is centered on hardcore gay porn action. Softies should step aside because the site only showcases the most grueling scenes. The guys are definitely on the hairy side and bring you fun movies that are worth raving about. The content is exclusive and you have to be a member of the site to enjoy all the epic scenes. The producers have gone to great lengths to ensure that you can enjoy the movies on your computer, mobile device or even on latest applications. With such flexibility, HairyAndRaw thoroughly entertains.

For extra features, HairyandRaw has live feeds, video feeds, and a member’s store. The 102+ scenes are approximately 15-20 minutes each. Although they cannot be downloaded, the site has multiple streaming bandwidths that allow members to enjoy the content in any desirable specification. Still a fairly new site, HairyAndRaw was launched three years ago. I wasn’t really into older, heavier guys but this platform proved to me that they can be sexy as any other. The site promises weekly updates as you sign up. Needless to say, it delivers on this.

The pages are graced with new content every time you log in. The location scenes are really amazing. They will give you everything from household sexual encounters to many outdoor scenes. The movies have varying specifications but they are dependable as far as clarity is concerned. When it comes to the galleries, they contain digital pictures that also feature the gay men in their naughtiest. Full site members can enjoy 96 bonus sites that are included with HairyAndRaw membership. However, you can only be previewed to the content as a full member of the site.

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A look at the content

Unlike many ordinary sites, HairyAndRaw does not allow non-members of the site to preview the content. On tour mode, you can only be able to access general information. In regards to entertainment, the movies can only be streamed in the flash player at a specified resolution. However, the quality is fine. You do not have to get stuck in a movie scene that you do not necessarily like. Instead, the site allows for jumping from scene to scene until you find what you really prefer.

The scenes are tagged with descriptions in order to always keep you in the loop of what is going on. The site also tries to keep things interactive by allowing you to add and read comments that are added by other members. Generally, the site has a simple set up. It has two media options that are inclusive of movies and picture shots. The images are neatly displayed and allow for easy access to the picture that you want to download.

In total, HairyAndRaw has 120+ pictures galleries and an overflow of movies; therefore, entertainment is at its best. Comments and ratings can be added to all of the scenes. In order to easily access all of the movies that you like, you can always save them as favorites. Unfortunately, the model index does not have too much information. On the other hand, the themed feeds and links will help you get around.

Video and stars

HairyAndRaw has 20+ gay men who are willing to bring your sexual fantasies to life! However, they are more concerned about pleasuring themselves. The big-bellied men and the slender fresh faces alike put on the most unforgettable shows. These men are all hairy; whether they are a little hairy or have a lot of chest hair, they perfectly fit the profile of what the site was looking for the men are also tattooed and have nipple and cock piercings. This kind of turned me on.

These men resemble the ordinary chaps that you may find in local bars drinking beers and hitting on fellow handsome men that walked in. Clearly, the site did not have any restrictions when selecting them. Just like any other couples, the guys kiss and caress. They definitely can handle the heat that comes with being in the presence of another hot man. The site will treat you to gang bangs, threesomes and bareback sex. The scenes also feature blowjobs and eating of the ass. I mean, there is no gay site that would be complete without the following sexual acts.

There are times when the sex is slow and passionate and other times when it is really rough and hardcore. My favorite movie of all time was Lanz Adams, Gunner Scott and Randy Taintmoores’s threesome. As all of these guys are big bellied, you would think that they would not have an epic sexual encounter but as I realized, they are even more flexible than I am. The sexual intercourse takes place in the background. The three big-bellied guys suck each other’s cocks in the most seductive way. As Lanz Adams is gulping down all the jizz inside Gunners cock, Randy penetrates Gunner from the backside.

Final thoughts

HairyAndRaw has grown in leaps and bounds ever since its inception. It has some of the most entertaining movies which have earned the site a solid following. By signing up to the site, you will certainly be excited to tap into the other side of hairy porn. I know I was!

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