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American born actress and director Tori Black (also known as Beth or Tory Black, real name Michelle Chapman), was born on August 26, 1988 in Seattle, Washington. After a wild childhood, each time being kicked out of her comfort zones (parents, grandparents) for experimenting with various substances, Tori ended up in a learning institution for gifted girls with behavior problems. This was in Tori’s own words, “like living in some weird horror movie”, and made her feel “like an alien” when she went to college, but she found her answer in making porn movies. For her, porn was more about power than sex. That was her “high” – to seduce everyone in the room, to have the power to make everyone in the room fall in love with her. She clearly still has that power!

Although she initially only sent her photos to the porn model agency for fun (and to brag to her friends if she were accepted), Tori was determined to use her perfect 5ft 9in body to get noticed, and to make it big in the big world – and much to everyone’s delight, she did exactly that! She did not only use her body, she used her perfect face as well: in 2010, she was Loaded magazine’s Most facially attractive female performer in the industry! This beauty is bilingual make it even easier for to mingle and give the best there is in the porn industry. She has a friendly attitude and her career has moved from one milestone to another. It must be the combination of her English, German and Native American blood which caused her to have such cool good looks mixed with such fiery ambitions!

A look at the content

She was with some Black guys when she had to make a decision on a stage name. They suggested “Tori”, because it was such a sexy whitey girl name, and for a surname Black was the obvious answer! At the start of her career, her agent warned her not to do interracial films, saying that she would ruin her career if she started with that so soon. This upset Tori immensely, and she immediately started doing interracial and being very outspoken about it. It clearly did not harm her career! She started her career with a bang: Penthouse Pet of the month for December 2008 – and it is obvious that her steaming hot body deserves that title! She was shooting to stardom at such a pace that it is amazing that she did not explode – but no, she left that to her fans to do!

Before long she made history as the first (and only) person to win two AVN Female Performer of the Year awards, winning back-to-back years in 2010 & 2011. She also won the 2010 & 2011 XRCO Award for Female Performer of the Year! Tori said that she feels the reason why she received those awards, was because of her personality and what she stands for. She said that it was an honor and that she was humbled by it. She admits that when she started her career she did not realize how much attention she would be getting!

Video and stars

From her first solo shaving video in 2007 for The Score Group (changing shaving forever), through that amazing anal sex scene in Interactive sex with Tory Black, and then both those Tori Black is Pretty Filthy films, right through an astonishing 383 films as performer, she kept us foaming for more. Tori Black is more than a star – she is a legend! Her awards list reads like an encyclopedia of porn awards: XRCO: Cream Dream, F.A.M.E: Favorite Female Rookie, AVN: Best All-Girl Couples Sex Scene, Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene, Best Tease Performance, Best Threeway Sex Scene, Female Performer of the Year, XBIZ: Female Performer of the Year, XRCO: Female Performer of the Year, F.A.M.E.: Favourite Female Starlet, AVN: Best oral sex scene, Best pvo sex scene, Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, Female performer of the Year (again), XBIZ: Porn Star Site of the Year, XRCO: Female Performer of the Year (again), NightMoves Awards: Social Media Star (Editor’s Choice). Not to mention all amazing 66 nominations that make us drool!

On 14 October 2011 she became a mother together with her fiancé Lyndell Anderson. The couple got married in 2014 – destroying the wet dreams of millions of fans across the globe. They are parents of two, and that, in combination with her recently launched clothing line, has torn Tori away from the camera lens. But a diamond on her finger should not stop you from enjoying the bounty which Tori so generously offers. She still is and will always remain a dazzling porn star. Once you have looked at, and lusted after, and fell a little in love with Tori Black, you will always search for her name whenever you pick a porn movie. If you haven’t watched Tori Black perform, you have missed out on one of the brightest stars in the porn universe!

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Final thoughts

Tori is a beautiful woman and she has a marvelous body. Her porn movies remain entertaining and her scenes are ageless. They are still the thing to watch if you are looking for that hot and real porn movie that leaves you wet. Her fans continue enjoying the movies she created before retiring. Her name will always be one to reckon with in adult movies. If you haven’t watched her you are dinitely missing some juicy porn scenes.

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