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TheLuckyMan is one of those websites that is not afraid to go where no porn site has gone before – a unique genre called the “Reverse Gang Bang”. With so many sites creating generic content in an attempt to post as regularly as possible, there are too few websites that actually put the effort into making content that is of a high enough standard to be actually enjoyable. Out of the few websites that actually do put effort into content, a lot of them don’t post nearly often enough, and as a result you are going to get quite bored of their content quite quickly.

TheLuckyMan is a website that manages to balance quality and quantity in the most beautiful way, and it does this to great effect. This site is part of the PornstarNetwork of adult entertainment websites. This is the best porn network out there, with fifty amazing sites to offer. If you subscribe to TheLuckyMan, you are not just going to gain access to this particular site, you are going to get access to forty-nine other sites! Each of these sites offers you something new and unique, each has its own personality.

It is pretty amazing that TheLuckyMan is such a great site in spite of the fact that it is part of a network of fifty porn sites. Usually, with that many websites that need to be updated on a regular basis, you are going to find it very difficult indeed to find porn that is of a high quality. Think about it, they need to release hundreds of videos a month after all! But no, in spite of this fact TheLuckyMan is an amazing website that will surely give you value for your money and then some.

A look at the content

The sparse, spread out layout of the website is very attractive to look at, and is not at all crowded like other websites might be. This is a huge plus, because at the homepage of most websites you are almost bombarded with different porn videos as the creators of the site need you to look at as much porn as possible in order to make as much money as possible
TheLuckyMan does not have this very annoying feature. Instead, you get a few choice videos on the front page, and when you go into the videos section you are given a variety of different videos to choose from in a similarly sparse manner. The great thing about the layout of this website is that it contributes to the preference of quality over quantity. The site has a lot of videos, but not so many that you are going to become utterly confused about what you want to watch.

The color scheme of this website is brighter than most websites, that often tend to go for muted colors. The shades of green that this website is colored in complement the whole lucky charms four leaf clover aesthetic a great deal, and as a result you will find that there are a lot of things about the site that look pretty great. This is a very surprising thing to discover, because choosing to go for bright colors rather than mute, elegant colors can be a risk for porn sites as it could end up making the site come across as gimmicky. Miraculously, however, the color scheme does not hurt the eyes at all, and gives you a nice little backdrop in which you can watch your amazing porn videos and have a great, relaxing jerk off session.

You have the option of a two-day free trial access, which can be upgraded to monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions. The best subscription option, though, is the annual sign up which can save you a lot of money. Subscriptions also give you access to numerous other websites, equaling 50 in number, belonging to the PornstarNetwork, the world’s No. 1 adult entertainment network. What more could you ask for? Download videos, photos or watch them streaming, the choice is yours, for mark my words, you will end up asking for more.

Video and stars

Once you get to the homepage of this website, it is going to become pretty obvious to you that this site focuses on reverse gang bang. Once again, this proves that the site is not afraid to take risks, because reverse gang bang can be very difficult to pull off.
The general theme of the porn videos on this site is that there is a man, usually a muscular alpha male, who is surrounded by women in some kind of fantasy setting. He ends up seducing each and every one of these women and has a glorious sex session with all of them at the same time. The porn videos feature at least five women, and often have even more.

The great thing about the porn on this website is that it taps into a male desire to be worshipped by women. The porn stars in these videos are submissive to their man, and when you pretend to be that guy and have so many gorgeous women begging for your cock and yearning you to cum on them, you are going to end up getting turned on for sure!

The girls are gorgeous, with ample and firm breasts, supple nipples to suck, and clean shaven, pink pussies inviting you to fuck them. The guy, of course, as pointed out earlier, is an Alpha Male, and these chicks definitely yearn for his cock as much as he yearns for their pussies.

The creators of the content on this site are able to balance two things very easily. They give you choice meaning you are not going to end up getting bored with what the site has to offer, but at the same time they don’t vary things too much. Hence, whenever you open a video on this site, you can rest assured that you are going to get everything that you paid for and then some, and that is very important indeed because it will give you a sense of trust that the site will always have your back.

Membership price

  • $1.00
  • $19.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $89.50 – $7.45/Mo.

Final thoughts

The great content and design scheme are reason enough, but when you add to these the fact that subscribing to this website is going to get you access to not one but fifty different sites, buying a subscription ends up feeling like a bargain. If you are unsure of whether you want to spend your hard earned money or not, you can simply get a free trial and see for yourself. This site truly does have a lot to offer, and is far and away one of the best porn sites out there.

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