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Our pleasures can be particular and sometimes there are no porn sites dedicated to our preferred practice. I love to see deep-throating and intense Bj action. Nothing is better than a slut that is capable of taking the cock all the way in and not gagging while the guy finishes in her mouth. There is a site that is dedicated to this kind of kinky stuff. TheGagTheBitch is one and only among so many porn sites that has this particular specialization and furthermore it has great material, both professional and amateur.

A look at the content

Once you get to GagTheBitch, it means that you have searched for your particularly kinky pleasure for a long time. One of the rare site that takes this porn niche seriously is GagTheBitch. The opening of the home page, with all those galleries and the pics, models with opened mouths and big cocks buried inside are arousing and would stimulate an already ample imagination. The black and intense color chosen for the site agrees with the title and the material in the archives. The menu tab is also cocky, colored in bright orange, suggesting the same intensity as the videos and pics offer. The navigation is quite smooth and adapted to the various devices like laptops or smartphones.

The membership plan for 1 month you can get for a great prize and the 1-year subscription is a bargain. For those not entirely secure of their heart’s desire, they can choose to browse around for 2 entire days. The subscription will get you regular and exclusive weekly updates and some of the best porn sites from the same network as this one. There is no chance you will ever get bored with GagTheBitch, but having the possibility to branch out and explore is always something to consider, especially because it won’t cost you anything. The download of HD quality, uncut, uncensored complete scenes, amateur clips and live shows will make you return regularly for more enjoyable moments.

Video and stars

The best site for deep-throating action is surely GagTheBitch. Nothing here is left to the imagination and there is something in filming, like the close-up method, that makes you feel like your cock is deep inside the chicks mouth. With everything in clear view, it is easy to get carried away and excited to the point of bursting in mere minutes. The pleasure of seeing chicks take the cock slowly, inch by inch, stretching and adjusting to the girth and length, makes me and some other fans burst with the hunger to jerk off.

The intensity of pleasure is equal to no other practice. There are no limits here and hardcore is the way it goes, always. The amateur scenes are tough as those with professional performers. The bonuses you will receive with over 80 sites is a great stimulant to join and branch out if you like to. The choice is yours, but don’t pass this opportunity, because you will have only benefits and no regrets if you subscribe.

Membership price

  • $1.00
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  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $99.95 – $8.32/Mo.

Final thoughts

In search of hardcore blowjobs and deep throat action? Don’t go further, your desires are answered with the best porn site dedicated to just that kind of kinky pleasure. GagTheBitch is right for the fans that love pure, passionate and gagging experience from both professionals and amateurs. The sluts her are mostly white chicks, trained by some well-hung studs to take it all in and crave for more cock and gooey cum. There are no barriers here. The cum goes right down the throat and runs overflowing down the mouth.

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