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We live in a world today where we need everything instantly. We cannot wait for anything. We have lost the ability to see the finer things in life because we are so busy running toward the goal. The journey is no longer counted. Take jobs, for example, we all want to do so well in our jobs and excel, that we forget the real reason why we are working. We do not enjoy life or even get to spend time with our friends or our loved ones. And things do not seem to be slowing down either. It feels like being stuck in the same rut or even getting worse. But this does not just apply to work. This has also crept into our sex lives.

Gone are the days where people enjoyed making love. It used to be all about the journey, but these days it has become only and exclusively about the destination. Technology has made getting sex so much easier, that we constantly are jumping on to the bed with someone or the other. This is not the worst thing, but what about just enjoying the journey of having sex. Even the porn videos we watch are exactly like that. We barely see any good foreplay or any creativity in it. Literally, all we see is a woman who barely goes down on a guy and gives a nice sweet blowjob. Just pounding and a whole lot of it. Granted, we all love to fuck.

We are men after all. Our cock loves to pound some tight pussy. But we would also love a nice long and intimate blowjob. And let us tell you, there are a lot of men who would just love to sit back, relax and let their woman go down on their cocks for hour and hours on end. Now, what if you belong to that set of guys who love blowjobs? And are you barely finding any good porn site that exclusively shows blowjob porn videos? Well, in that case, you will be really excited with what we must tell you. All your dreams are going to come true, all you need to do is visit TeasePOV!

TeasePOV is literally going to become your one-stop place if you love yourself some nice blowjob videos. This website exclusively shows videos with sexy girls wrapping their lips and running their tongues on a man’s thick and juicy cock. And the best part of all, this is all done from a POV format. POV which is point of view, is a kind of a camera angle where in the video is shot from the man’s perspective!

This means every porn video you see will feel like you are in the porn video yourself, and that bitch is going down on your thick cock. This is the future of porn watching! We know you are very excited about it. Continue reading further to know more about this website.

A look at the content

Okay, so we have got to say we really love this layout. It is so rich looking and very elegant. It is not like your classic porn site. These guys have relied on their rich content more than anything for the layout. They have really done a brilliant job displaying all the content they have on their site. Not just that, it is quite evident with just one look at the website that these guys had a very clear goal in the minds before building this website and they have managed to achieve this goal very well in reality. They have spent quite a large sum of money in order to build this website by hiring some of the most talented set of designers.

We love the colors they have opted for. It is very cool looking as well as very trendy. They have chosen colors such as black and pink. Even in theory, the combinations of these colors are simply fabulous. They blend in so well together. These colors manage to make the content on the website really pop. And we really love that. Upon landing on the tour page, you will first see a slideshow which automatically rotates. This slideshow has images of the sexy and gorgeous models of this website with a real nice shot of a cock right next to their faces. It is just so damn sexy. Below are links to the top videos that are there on the website. And that is it!

Video and stars

This is a fairly new website, so there are about 20 videos. Either can be watched online or can be downloaded on your PC. These videos are in 1280 x 720 @ 3185 kbps. There are also about 20 photo sets which are all downloadable. All these are in high resolution at 1280 x 960 pixels. The girls on this website are just super hot. They will make you want to cum so much, instantly. These girls have such sexy bodies, with the perkiest tits and the perfect ass. They really show how to go down on a cock brilliantly.

These girls not just give a blowjob, but they put on a sexy show for you too. They will begin with a little strip tease and show off their lovely bodies. And then they go down on their man’s cock, pulling out their cock which is rock hard from their pants and wrap their wet tongues around that hard cock, then slide it up and down that cock licking every possible inch of it and drinking all that precum. They go on that cock for a while until the man can’t take it anymore and jizzes all over their face. And the POV simply elevates this whole experience to a whole different level.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

This website is simply brilliant. We can guarantee you that you will fall in love with it. Add to the fact that not only do they have some hot women but also an excellent service, makes this website even more desirable.

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