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Sex is an essential part of our lives. And as men, we feel like sex is one of the most important aspects of our life. We need to constantly have sex or we need to at least masturbate regularly, to keep ourselves going. And of course, when we masturbate we do resort to watching porn that is available on the Internet. And if we do masturbate regularly then, I am sure that you know all the problems that come with it. All the porn that is available on the Internet has become very common in its theme and nature. The women that star in these videos are over sexed up and fake. Watching all of this initially was a novelty, which soon wore off.

Now we need some kind of change, don’t we? Wouldn’t you like to watch porn where the girls have the perkiest tits and the tightest pussies that you have ever seen? They are amateur, and open to experimentation when it comes to everything. Wouldn’t you just love to get your hands-on girls like this? Also, when we are watching porn we are often distracted by, the man in the video, his face, his body. We have often wished that we could get complete access to the girl where we could possibly see her from his eyes. What if we told you we could get you a combination of the two? Amateur POV videos of amateur girls, the ultimate combination! Well we have MyPOVGF, here only for you. MyPOVGF is a website created by AmaLand porn network.

The network is famous for its amateur websites. They have massive and diverse content starring the hottest amateur girls, with the best racks and asses that you would have seen in a while making crazy homemade pornos. You must be questioning why we use the words POV all the time here. POV stand for point of view. So, all the videos that are made, are made with the point of view of the man taking the video. This means that when you watch the video, you feel like the man in the video is you, where she is riding on your cock and you are pounding directly into her. You get all of this lying in your bed in the comfort of your house, without all the girlfriend grief!

A look at the content

Let us talk about how the website is designed. If you compare this website to most of the websites out there, then you will be in for a real surprise! Because this website is simple and absolutely clutter free. It will amaze you how little design on the website can make the website look so good. The design team of the website knew what it means to keep things simple. The colors that are used in this website are grey, black, fluorescent green and fluorescent orange. Obviously, the background of this website is completely black. All the content is placed on this background in the form of thumbnails, which is enough to give you a peek into what is happening inside the video.

The thumbnails also have the time duration of the videos on the bottom left side of the thumbnail, so you can either choose a longer or a shorter video according to your needs. Also, there are over 60 pages filled with these videos. The pages are listed on top, in a bar like segment so you can toggle between the pages. Apart from that, the logo of MyPOVGF is the one colored in the fluorescent green and orange, adding a real pop to the page. They knew how to balance the entire page with these colors and have done a real fine job at it.

Video and stars

This part of the review is what makes it or breaks it. Yes, we have finally gotten to the part where we talk about all the women that MyPOVGF has to offer us. What the network specializes in is amateur porn, which showcase wild things that the girls do with their boyfriends in the privacy of their homes and bedroom. These movies are all shot with hand-held cameras, while the girls are getting down and dirty with their boyfriends. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the kind of girls that they have managed to rope in the videos.

All the girls are amateurs, and up for all kinds of experimentation. They have great perky firm tits, and nipples that are candy like and you would want to suck on them all night long. They also have the tightest pussies, with skin so soft and smooth that you wouldn’t want to get your face or your dick out of that pussy. And if you think that these girls are all show, then let them do their thing where they ride on your cock with absolute agility, and they can bend in ways that you couldn’t have even imagined.

And when they get down on their knees and press their angel like mouths on your dick, you realize exactly how amazing it feels to have your cock in their mouth. And with the way the videos have been shot, it’ll be like your bedroom has become your personal red room, where all the fun takes place. The videos featured on this website can be downloaded in a mp4 format. They can also be streamed online on the embedded flash player. They have over 550 videos for you to watch and over 855 picture sets for you to view.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

We are so glad that we came across this site. They are catering to a rather complex niche, and they have managed to pull it off successfully. They have one of the best line up of girls I have ever seen, who are raw and adventurous. The picture quality and sound is also amazing. They have attractive deals too, which makes this the best thing that could have happened to you.

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