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Stmackenzies is an exciting soft porn site that features student girls as they tease and play with their teachers and pupils. The amateur content is simply exciting and unique. The selection of models is impressive too. You will encounter several surprise scenes in which the girls decide to strip before their teachers. I loved the scene in which a teacher takes a trip to the dorm and finds a girl stark naked. Neither the teacher nor the girl seems concerned with the turn of events. They proceed to have a conversation as he male master looks on in quiet excitement. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

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A look at the content

The site is presented in simple colors that can be associated with the simplicity of a class environment. The content is clearly displayed in a list of categories that are lined up on the top pane of the home page. The site has a number of browsing tools that helped me to quickly catch a glimpse of a cross section of what they have to offer. There are sectional categories that allow you to check out pupils featured in sexy titillating scenes, teachers as they are teased to the bone by their pupils and even an updates section through which you can sift content month by month. I loved the fact that the site is accessible with a mobile phone too. I could check out the content while on the go as I ran errands at my place of work. It might disappoint you a little though; the site does not have a streaming option. However, you can download all you want once you subscribe to their plans. Although there is no search tool available, you are provided with some functional tools that help you browse across the categories with ease. There is no bonus site either but you can catch up with the models at an extra fee or simply check out the content in videos and pics in high res.

Video and stars

The girls are simply attractive, sexy and daring. They are spoiled girls with a burning mission to tempt their teachers. The teachers seem to like it too. Judging from the way they are dressed, it is not a wonder that the girls go off to the end of sensual stunts by stripping before them. Indeed, the teachers respond in resonance to the seemingly boiling hormones of the horny girls. They move close to steamy sessions and stop just on the edge of the erotic cliff. The sexy apparel that is their uniform does not help matters in the class set up. The uniforms and games kits are designed with a sexy touch. The hotties often bend over and show their teachers their knickers as the teachers look on in erotic glare. Meet Emma and Claire Jones as they sit and share chitchats on the stairwells. They tactfully spread out for the camera and show what lies between their legs and under their already short uniforms. I love the way Chloe Granger raises her torso to show off her long neck and sizeable boobs and body. You have sufficient entertainment to savor on this site. There are over 287 videos for your viewing. Each of these videos comes with a 5 minute playback time. The files are downloadable in WMV. If you wish to slow down the tempo, you have over 481 galleries to visit. Each of them comes with over 100 pics in high res. There is no limit to the number of downloads you can make. A zip file is, of course, available for your easy download experience.

Final thoughts

There are many surprise scenes with a bit of nudity but the site remains a rather up skirt soft porn platform. The videos are all in HD form. I loved the fact that they stick to their theme from the start to the end.

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