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A few years ago, for the longest time, I have been searching for the perfect shemale porn site but to no avail, I have not found anything that would ultimately make me feel that I have done so otherwise. Well, that was before the internet became something that housed plenty of potentially great porn sites that would help me with my search one way or another. At first, it was quite hard since there were so little transsexual porn a few years back. It was more like, people were not too keen about having shemale porn floating around the internet. Now that times have changed and people are more open about plenty of stuff, transsexual porn leveled up in terms of popularity and many people have been into it far more than many of us would have expected. One of these so called porn sites that I have encountered is ShemalePornstar.

Like the name implies, this porn site is the best place to find great and worthwhile shemale porn. Grooby Bucks launched this fine piece of site in August 2000 and even until now, the site has been growing rather meticulously and wonderfully, with updates happening here and there. ShemalePornstar’s primary niche lies on both transsexual porn and a whole bunch of different fetishes that will surely catch your attention. More so, you will find tons of beautiful shemales here that sure know how to liven up a scene with their professionally naughty antics. ShemalePornstar has already been recognized by plenty of adult magazines, and other sites that promote porn sites; they also have been nominated for various awards and won some in the process. In an overall view of things, ShemalePornstar is a great place to find and pick up quality porn materials in the given field. Sit back and enjoy all the amazing things this porn site has to offer.

A look at the content

In my perspective, ShemalePornstar holds a very simple and easy site design and layout. With its simplicity and straightforward features, it becomes easy for the members of the site to follow along and browse all the stuff here without feeling lost or confused. This is a big thing for me since I have always encountered something so chaotic and it is rather rampant for porn sites to go along with that sort of thing. Of course, before we proceed, let me just remind everyone that ShemalePornstar is a pay site and so you will need to be a registered member before you can access any feature in here. To register, you only need to input some details (like the usual) and choose a payment plan. Most of the time, porn sites will give you plenty of options and this applies for ShemalePornstar, as well.

If you are done with that, you can practically do whatever you want to do and there is no limit to that as long as you are already a registered member. You will notice that you can find plenty of things here, as well as do plenty of stuff. This is also because of the fact that the site has been around for a very long time. The navigation here is simple to understand and use because there are not many links, just the most important ones. The interface is user friendly, and the site arrangement is neat and orderly. The site has a customer support page that is available at all times, as well as a FAQ page to help you troubleshoot problems by yourself. You can send a ticket or an email if you can’t seem to figure it out.

The site houses plenty of photo sets, more than 600 of them are available for zip downloading. Each set contains about 50 to 60 individual photos inside and each of them is wonderfully and professionally taken, as well as in high resolution. Each video has its own photo gallery so it adds spice to the already amazing content the site has. Aside from the photo sets, there is the model index where you can catch and read about your favorite shemales. Not only can you familiarize yourself with each of these beautiful chicks through their photos and names, you can also find other information about them.

They are not that long, but they do say a lot about every single one of these transsexual hotties. You can rate them and comment on their profiles. In addition, you may also do the rating and the commenting on any videos in the site – of course, others can read these. Rating them would allow you to give in 1 star to 5 stars. 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest. There are no sorting options but you can make full use of the advanced search bar – this is way useful than any other method. There also is a pagination link which will help you browse through things even more meticulously.

Video and stars

The shemales in ShemalePornstar come from all parts of the world and majority of them seem to reside in certain parts of Asia and the Latin community. Aside from shemales, a good number of trannies also grace the scenes and they make sure that they do not fall behind when it comes to bringing pleasure to the audience. They are as flexible, hardcore, and hot, and they sure know how to make a scene nasty and naughty. Besides the shemale on shemale action, you get to find other male stars in here. Most of the time, you will see famous faces, and other times, you get to see amateurs.

The scenes are a mixture of hardcore and softcore, but either way, you get great quality scenes that you can download or stream on your browser. The resolution available for both is set at 1280 x 720p – majority of the scenes are like this and rarely do you find lower quality ones, mostly the older videos. When downloading, you can save them in MP4 or WMV format. You can stream anytime in your browser as long as you have an updated Flash player. There is no download limit.

Membership price

  • N/A
  • $27.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $188.95 – $15.74/Mo.

Final thoughts

Out of all the shemale porn sites out there, ShemalePornstar is my favorite. It is not hard to love this site as it has both quality and quantity – not to mention that their features are amazing. If you wish to browse through great content, then this site is particularly perfect for you.

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