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I love chocolate! I love its aromatic scent, its delightful taste and the texture from sticky to crunchy! How I love to lick its edges and then indulge into its heavenly, awesome flavour… all reminds me how I savoured the wonders of the recent experience I had with a new porn site I discovered! Introducing…(drumroll, please!) RoundandBrown! Now, you’re having an idea of what the site offers. But it’s more than just its name… not only round and brown bodies, but hey, asses, specifically! Your journey to finding great experiences on sex, orgasms and more starts with RoundandBrown.
Just like you and everyone else who are porn site lovers, it’s all about quality and satisfaction that we are looking for. No boundaries are set, as long as it’s all about exciting new wonders about sex and new stuff with it. More fun, more adventures, more awesomeness!

A look at the content

Lovely behind! Awesome sex talk! That’s I have found when I came into this site. I am already adventurous but having glanced over those curvy and round behinds, well.. what else would you expect? This site will make you even hornier and enticed to try new styles and experience. You’ll get more attracted and tempted to dig more on the site and find out how many orgasms I can have (lol!) More colors…more blends to stare over. Asses, behinds, whatever we call it… are very much available on the site. Ranging from light brown colours to medium to darker brown, all you have to do is to tease yourself not to choose all of them. Like chocolates, they all look tasty and super awesome!

You can even cum more than twice! They also have a RoundandBrown blog where they share stories of fucking, flirting and explosive orgasms! And if you haven’t mastered on how to properly lick those delicious nipples of your partner, then this can be the chance for you learn a little more. Be clown away by sex performances as how they glide to the tune of sexy movements as models reach the climax. You’ll give dicks and tits new names after seeing how massive they can perform. Their sizes…oh well, you just need to visit the site. Also, the large butt that you’re dreaming to touch and enjoy will just be a click away with this super sexy site. Do you love big tits? Tasting them and then teasing them could be one of the most wonderful part of the lovemaking, but on the blogs on this site, you can even find more stories revealing more techniques on how t indulge with them more. How about a threesome? Do you also enjoy it? If so, then celebrate!

They also have models who gamely posed for their superb ass. Wonderful, so wonderful! Just imagine these vixen display their precious behind and then cupping and cuddling until they reach the climax! Especially, when they glided and twerked…truly a great start for a whole new sex-perience! So, let’s talk about the site and its functionality. It’s user-friendly and with content- it’s full packed!


Video and stars

All videos are all in high-resolution, so the quality will be for sure, authentic! And with the images, well, just as the saying goes, ‘if a picture shows a thousand words…”, all images are great and actually give all the hints and descriptions for each link. There are many videos to choose from that’s why there can be a wide range of selection. And once you’ve become a member, then you’ll have 

Membership price

  • $4.94
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Final thoughts

This porn site is highly recommended. Just in case you’re still having hesitations, then believe me, you’ll be regretting for the rest of your lives. Sex is like chocolates, (I hope you’ll agree) so tasty, addictive and fun. The more you taste it, the more you crave it. And when it comes to enjoying more of it, RoundandBrown will be the perfect place to have it.

This will be your haven to gotcha believing that sweet can be sweeter, brown can be brownier, round can be rounder and of course, sex can be more exciting. So, the next time you take a bite of your chocolate bar, I hope to see you in the site. Let’s enjoy together!

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