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Nannies are not perfect. That is simply the truth of the situation. Everyone who has hired a tata wishes that the perfect candidate existed, but the reality is much different. You cannot expect to find someone who fits every single one of your desires. Hence at mybabysittersclub, most of these girls are busted by their male employees doing something fishy and they are blackmailed into sexual escapades. The site has an amateur level feel even if most of these scenes are scripted and played out by pornstars.

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A look at the content

I want to talk about usability and user experience. That’s what this site truly excels at. The navigation is superb. They have a lot of filters and a proper search function, so you can find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible, without having to click through countless pages or scrolling through drop-down menus. The management of favorites is great. Again, you have a lot of different filters and download links to the various file formats (with file sizes shown) directly on the page. On many other sites downloading the videos can be a pain in the ass, because they don’t support download managers or the download links expire rather quickly. This is not the case here. You can queue files in your download manager and even after a couple of days the links are still working, so you don’t have to add the same files over and over again.

Video and stars

All of the girls on mybabysittersclub are true amateurs. I know all the sites claim that their girls are amateurs but I can testify that these girls are the real deal. These is home made porn. These videos and photos are taken at home. In most cases the whole scene is scripted and acted. However, all these girls appear real and natural and you can mistake them for your next door neighbour. These girls are 20-25 years of age. Most of them are white but there are some scenes of other ethnicities too. Just a look at the girls and your member down there will react ASAP. Get ready for tons of orgasms and endless hard ons. In one of the scenes, a brunette has put the kids to bed and she is enjoying busking in the sun naked. She is a bit horny and she starts playing with her clit in broad daylight. She is caught doing it by her boss and she is very scared that he will tell on her. She proposes to him that he can fuck her as long as he does not tell anyone else. The guy is resistant at first but he finally gives in. When he pulls down his pants she is totally shocked at how big his dick is and she tells him that it can totally not fit in her pussy. She starts giving the brunette a cj to prepare her for his rock hard dick. she is writhing in pleasure underneath him. The scene is very entertaining and arousing and i cannot help but jerk off to the video. He finally enters her pussy and cums in seconds because he pussy is soo tight and sweet. The site has 16 plus videos and 16 plus photo sets which can all be downloaded or viewed online. They are of good quality, daily updates on the site are done and some of the material is exclusive.

Final thoughts

If you are into glamour porn, well this is the site for you. The videos and photos are proffessionally shot. Some of these pornstars are well known while others are just green. The site is worth every penny and i would highly recommend it.The site also offers a 100% money back policy but more importantly they care enough to listen and respond to your questions. That is totally rare to find.

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