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Asian Sex Diary is all about a chap known as John. He loves exploring the entire Asia hunting down pretty Asia gals and getting engrossed in all kinds of fun and sensual stuffs with them. And oh! He is not going to tourist sites with them, rather you get to see him and these gals get it on in hard fucking fests in some hotel room.

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A look at the content

Asian Sex Diary is organized in quite a unique manner and it does not take long to find what you are searching. I did find ‘My Conquests’ portal that basically entails clips of every chick he banged. Moving forward there is a ‘My Trophies’ area, comprising of all the gals displayed in thumbnails with state they come from. It is worth mentioning that when you place your mouse over a chick you can get to know more gen about her, and her rating, too. There is a fundamental search bar as well.

Navigation on the platform was in fact quite remarkable on every front, and that take in with regard to it. They really have done an amazing job of making this site more navigable, it is quite splendid. I will let you know that the clips are accessible for just Flash streaming. Nonetheless, the videos have now been moved over to DailyMotion servers and make use of the latest HTML5 technology – they are far more reliable and stream a lot better with a number of options depending on your device of choice. What a splendid job they have done with the presentation of this site.

Video and stars

This platform at present encompasses 600 updates comprising image galleries as well as films. Also, they have brought to you more than 350 distinct chicks. The content varies in size, and the best quality images are sized at 1600 X 1200. Clips are set out at a best of 1280 X 720. Additionally, the platform is uploading every day. Maybe you might have come across one or two platforms in this age, which are of the same notion as Asian Sex Diary, however not even a single of them that is entertaining or convincing. Definitely, this is among the best “travelogue porn” website, which I have come across. The collaborators together with the engineers have set a high benchmark as leaders and allowed others to trail behind.

I should mention that the hardcore action is amazing and entertaining with its sluts and the way in which it is all produced. A greater extent of the content is shot in Point of View style. However, it is just a pretty sizzling website in general with John ostensibly and frankly on vacation. John keeps us informed regarding his whereabouts and reveal to you that he actually fucked them on the precise date! This is some very thrilling website all round, both in terms of adult entertainment as a wide-ranging website. Another amazing entity I did find was the ‘Try It Out for Yourself’ area, which teaches users how to remain safe, voyage, shoot movies, and bang the hell out of as many Asian pussy as they can handle, as well as a users’ rewards zone with more fucks and pickups, which he includes separately from his diary. There are also articles that are submitted by members to contribute in both portions. Highly recommended.

Final thoughts

Asian Sex Dairy is a platform, which actually does make the big variety of so-called reality porn website out there appear quite poor as a matter of fact. While it is packed with films and photos of a high quality, there is a genuine fortitude here to only make is quite an interesting website beyond its sensual shenanigans. Subjectively it is a platform I loved and enjoyed in equal measures.

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