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Never heard about Immoral Live?


There is something about live action that makes it much better than anything else. For starters, you know that it’s real, as it is happening as you are watching it. That is reassuring, as sometimes, especially in porn, it becomes difficult to tell the real from the fake, but in the case of Immoral Live, a site dedicated to live shows, and a variety of them, too, you definitely get to see some of the best hardcore action, and as it is happening, too, not some pre-made videos.

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A look at the content

You know that a site is good, when you see a countdown timer to the next live show, right there on the home page, above the menu bar, next to the logo. The black background of the site, makes the red numbers of the countdown timer stand out. The background is not black, entirely, There are white shades, of women getting fucked, or sucking dicks. Below, there is a collection of colors, gray and red, to make the trailer video stand out even more. Yes, the site has a trailer, one that you can watch, in order to know what you are getting yourself into.

There are other previews to see, but they are below this one, and are not playable. They are just images, ones that lead you to the joining page. Without a doubt, this site is worth joining, and not just because of the design and the content, but because of the perks, too. There are many of them, and some of the best ones are the ability to open as many videos as you want, due to the site having no lag at all. Sorting options and a search bar help you navigate, while the mobile version of the site is there to make you take your pleasure with you.

Video and stars

But, the technicalities are just that, technicalities, and they serve to make the content stand out even more, which is something that they do well, indeed. The girls on this site, as different as they are, love doing some of the kinkiest things, and what is best about it, they do it live. There are many things to see here, and some categories of the live shows. For example, you have the Cock Sucking Challenge, where two girls aim to please two guys, each one pleasing one guy. Whoever gets her guy to cum first, wins. The Wheel of Debauchery is a good one, too, as a wheel is spun, and whatever that is written on the wheel when it stops, the girls have to do.

One of my favorites on the site is a type called the Immoral Orgy, where girls get together and have some wild sex. That is not all, as they sometimes have men with them, to make that orgy even better. Things get really kinky during these live shows, and it is absolutely great watching them. Even better, the videos are in such a high resolution, that everything is sharp, every detail of the action. The shows are posted frequently, that is, you get to watch them at least once every week.

Final thoughts

Explore your new paradise, of both live shows, and non live ones, as there are quite many videos to find here, both live ones, previous shows, and that of the other sites, that are indeed different.

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