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I love lesbians, and I have loved them ever since I saw that the porn industry has become very ignorant as to how sex should look like. With all the meatheads simply pounding on the girls, it was obvious that I should switch to a softer touch, yet still a hardcore one, that knows how to caress and excite the female body. Yes, lesbians are there, and very beautiful and seductive, and you can find them on Girls In Love.

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A look at the content

A site dedicated to the love of the female body, and it opens up with a giant slider, showing just that, girls that fuck one another, using some kinky toys, or just their tongues to make it all wetter. Without a second glance, I was already hooked, yet when I scrolled down, the previews confirmed my love for the site. They are all rated and sorted according to a few criteria, and are easily accessible, even by members who have not paid their membership. Yes, the site does allow you to see content without payment, and in a good resolution, too. Along with the user friendliness and a very nice design, you become the winner even without seeing the videos. Yet the site allows you to load videos very quickly, due to good optimization, so surfing its pages is a breeze, a very light one, as light as a gentle lick of a woman’s clitoris. The site does work amazingly well on mobile devices, too, again showing us good optimization and a very healthy, user oriented behavior.

Video and stars

What I came to love the most about the site, after seeing all the great technicalities, was of course, the girls. Simply seeing them, even before they go down on one another, is such a pleasure, that getting an orgasm becomes very easy, so easy that holding one in becomes quite the challenge. There is nothing like getting an orgasm along with the girls in the video, yet that becomes a difficult thing, once you see their passion and their seductive moves. The girls are different, from blondes to brunettes, redheads and black haired beauties, they are all on the site, ready to show you what sex should look like. With a gentle touch and a lick, some of them get to the orgasmic state very quickly, and are able to transfer that passion to the viewers. I know that I had problems with my orgasms, as I wanted to have it with them, though I could not wait until the end of the video. Their passion and seductiveness can be seen in the clear full HD videos. Those are available for VIP members, only, yet the price is cheap and you do get more perks along the way. Getting to see and download the full photo sets makes for a very nice collection, and one that does not moan all the time, because of the pending orgasms. The videos are also available for downloading, but they are available in streaming, too. The videos could be seen be free members, also, yet they would have to look at the sizzling, mind blowing action at a lower resolution, one that might not show every bit of the action clearly.

Final thoughts

Have yourself a treat with Girls In Love, and you will surely be back for more. Joining is free, but VIP members get more perks and more things to see. Though with weekly updates, the site is ever growing.

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