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Ceara Lynch is a hot and mean girl, who has this official website of her filled with kinky fetish porn, representing a surprisingly popular niche with a nice twist. This porn site offers you an exclusive selection of femdom videos, starred by Ceara Lynch, captured in PoV style. You will be quite satisfied with the site’s offers if you are like to be destroyed, demeaned and literally belittled. No matter what you do, you are going to feel hurt and misused, and in case that’s what you need (and you also like hot chicks doing that), then Miss(tress) Lynch’s videos will serve your needs well.

The site is a single one, it’s not part of any big networks, so don’t expect any kind of bonus access. However, you should feel like to have found this site, and you shouldn’t even spend time with reading this review: just go and join! But, if you are not willing to serve our needs, then maybe we should tell you more about what Ceara has in store for you, right? So, the site has been online for a long time, and you are going to gain access to all of these girls’ videos. As additional content, you can read her blog, which she keeps up to date, so it’s that kind of blog that has one post and it’s over!

The Ceara Lynch actually updates regularly, and Ceara is hotter than ever, though she aged a bit, that makes her simply nastier. Also, there are many videos with some lesbian fun, so you can watch other girls in here too… and they are not going to be nice with you. As we browse through the site, we noted that there are no downloads offered. However, if you don’t want to be a monthly subscriber (though it’s more worth it) you can find several VoD services, where you get to pick the videos you want… but that’s not what She wants, right?

A look at the content

The home page of Ceara’s official site looks fine, though it’s a wee bit old-fashioned. We would like to see a good HTML-5 website, and a nice mobile version, so those who don’t like computers could get their fair share of misuse. Nonetheless, the page looks fine and works fine. The tour isn’t too much, but you don’t really deserve more! So, if you made up your mind and you are ready to say good bye to your free will, join and see what’s inside. You will be met with nearly the same layout, and as you will see, there are only basic options to navigate.

Well, you have to do your share of work to find a video you might enjoy to watch. There are only SD streamed videos in the members’ area. The player plays nicely, though a bit of improvement in resolution would be fine. Nevertheless, there are more than 400 scenes, and new ones are arriving regularly, so you will have enough to watch, that’s certain. Only a few photo galleries are shared. Also, as a member, you can watch Ceara’s one hour long monthly live show too!

Video and stars

On the CearaLynch, there is only one main model: the gorgeous US hottie, Ceara Lynch. This girl is an extraordinary dominatrix and it pretty much describes her work: she destroy manhood, and she makes men feel less than ever. We would say, she has been doing this in her whole life: she started out when she became an adult. According to her testimony, her first connection with adultery was when she sold her used underwear – the first piece sold for seventy bucks, and that’s quite something.

Nowadays, she spends time with the camera, and on the CearaLynch she shares solo videos, shot in PoV style, so the members of her site can get their fair share of mishandling. When you join this portal, you are going to find out really much, that Ceara is a hot girl, and she is that kind you wouldn’t really believe to be capable of the thing she says she is doing. Ceara is natural, and she has an amazing body, but you can’t see her getting drilled: she doesn’t touch men, she makes them wish she would touch them. In a few videos and photo sets, Ceara teams up with another girl, so the beauty and misuse get doubled in those scenarios.

The videos of Ceara are mostly solo scenes. As this is her official website, you can find all her videos here. In the solo scenes, she usually talks to the camera (that represents your point of view), and she wears costumes: inappropriate uniforms, leather, latex, pantyhose, high heels… you name it. When Ceara gets on with the show, she really makes you feel bad: she shows her body that you cannot touch, she plays with her ass for you, shows your feet for you, and so on. There is a lot happening in the solo scenes, so if you want a girl to misuse you, then you have the chance here.

We have seen several videos, in which Ceara teams up with some hotties: for example, there are lesbian scenes, with so much mishandling for you that you are going to blow hard as you watch it. But, a nasty spit-bukkake is featured too: three Caucasian girls are destroying a Black guy by taking turns in spitting his mouth. Nasty! However, Ceara can be generous too: she let guys suck her toes, and she also shares some dildo sucking videos, so you can feel like you are in control… for a few minutes only

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Final thoughts

Well, this girl is one mean cunt that’s for sure. We are certain that she would dirty talk and demean us for this, but that’s the truth… and most of us are the kind who wouldn’t submit without a fight. Nevertheless, those who have a fixation and an inner urge to be misused, Ceara is probably one of the best choices for this.

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