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Never heard about BrutalX?


This website is really nasty. As the newest portal of the DirtyFlix network, the BrutalX has a lot to show you. This portal is probably the most meanest of all among the network sites, since it offers studio porn, so much is true, but the intense, rough scenes it has, are a simply amazing. You can find here a growing collection of porn, and if the hard sex is not enough for your excitement, keep in mind that you can enjoy here only 4K videos. As it’s a new site, it doesn’t have a big collection, and actually, quality overrules the quantity. In case you have a big screen, and you like your porn fresh and clear, these scenes are going to prove to be real joy to browse.

The update schedule is yet to be determined, and at this time, there are new videos added. Since the site aims to be one of the best sites of this network, we’re positive that it will be updated frequently. Those who like porn as it is, will appreciate this collection. However, there is so much more to browse that you won’t know what to touch: yourself or the mouse. The membership on the BrutalX grants you a pass which is valid to all network sites. These portals are really hot, and while you are in here, you should do well to visit them.

There are sites with Euro-based content, while some other included pages (like the BrutalX) offer the visitors US-made porn, with some of the upcoming starlets of the industry. These girls will put on a great show, and some of the fun, yet perverted themes of the sites (like the TrickYourGF) are not just sexy, but also amusing. The content you can access in the members’ area of the BrutalX is exclusive, so it’s another big plus for the site. Also the majority of the network’s videos is also consists of exclusive porn videos.

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A look at the content

The home page of the BrutalX offers only the thumbnails of the videos. Since it’s a new portal, there are only 5-6 scenes’ picture featured on the tour. Browsing through this page, and taking a look on the sites’ list are the only things you can do as you take the tour around. In case you enjoy watching hardcore sex, the pictures will certainly convince you to give it a try. The inner pages are far more advanced, and since you get to the hub of the DirtyFlix, it offers network-wide navigation tools too.

There is a menu on the top, where you can reach the content, and also there is a search field located. The search engine is basic, it can recognize the usual keywords. Probably the best options are the filtering methods on the actual lists. There you can select categories, niches, and a few more. This site is the newest one, and it looks like there are only 4K videos here. It’s a great thing, and if you add the rough sex to the picture it gets even better. You can save or stream the videos, however, the saving offers the better quality.

Video and stars

The models at the BrutalX is are really something. It’s only one aspect of their awesomeness that they stand the siege of these guys, who are really well-hung, and have a bad attitude. On the other end, they are all cute. By cute we don’t only mean that they are looking good, but they are also shorter so the guys look even bigger next to them, which adds some spice to the whole thing. On this website, you can enjoy the juicy and sexy videos of some very sexy US-based porn stars. Both the guys and the girls are US citizens, and you may have already saw them on other porn sites, especially if you are into the reality-porn niches. Now, the BrutalX features gorgeous girls like Dillion Harper, Megain Rain, Amirah Adara.

Most models are Caucasian, but some of them seem to have a few lines of Latin genes in them… or they just spent too much time in the solarium. These girls are all naturals, and they come from the 20-28 years old range, so they have fantastic skin, nice, delicate shapes and they are highly flexible. The male performers on the site are all renowned pieces, and they seem to prefer rough sex instead of normal mainstream porn. The title, BrutalX depicts the basic nature of these videos: hot, sexy and rough. These are studio-made movies, all of them feature a situation, a fantasy we used to dream of, you know the “what if” kind. So, here you can see what happens when the stepsister records as her brother takes a bath and touches himself, but you may also find out how it looks like when a fight ends with hard sex – though the girl isn’t really into it.

The videos here are looking rough, but as you might expect from a bit mainstream site, they are not really bad. Okay, there is shouting, spanking and slapping, in the harder scenes the girls even get their throat fucked or the guy wraps his hands around their neck. The situations are usually innocent, but it takes a bad turn really soon. The girls are usually made to suck the guy’s cock, then they get their clothes ripped off or torn apart, and get their pussy fucked. Now, vaginal sex is only one thing, but there are some scenes when the girls are getting their ass drilled, which is far nastier than usual. The videos end with a cumshot, usually a facial one.

Final thoughts

If you are not a pixel-counter, the HD and Full-HD movies of the included sites might also satisfy your needs for hard sex. Make sure to check them, because you get a whole lot more for your money than you would have expected at first.

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