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One of the tantalizingly HD gay porn websites to bookmark when you are into the gay niche, Ambush Massage porn website is the brainchild of William Higgins. Most of the videos that are featured here in the said porn website are shot in the Czech Republic so expect that the models here are European amateurs. These amateurs would willingly submit themselves to the magical hands of their hunky masseur. The site offers quality content so it should be worth it to spend money on this site

A look at the content

If one is interested in the Ambush Massage porn website, then it is only a given that the first thing to look at is the website’s design and features. After all, these are the first things that should enter one’s eyes in order to ensure that the money spent for the membership to any porn site won’t go to waste. With regards to the website design of the site, it is very easy to see that the web development manager has gone through the simple route. There aren’t any complicated designs or styles added to the site. It is a simple web design wherein the main links are placed at the topmost corner.

For the home page, the videos are arranged neatly. If you are not a full-member of the site, you will only be given a preview teaser of these videos once you click on them. These preview teasers generally last a few seconds. The videos are worth noting as well. Currently, the site boasts of 145+ videos that are in their MP4 format for downloads and Flash for streaming. These videos are generally sized at 1920×1080 and can be downloaded at a speed of 4+MBPS. They mostly have an average runtime of five minutes or so.

In the case of older videos, they are in their 960×544 size. The video can be streamed with good quality even when viewed through a smartphone. Aside from the videos, the site will also showcase lots of photos. The site already has the same number of photo sets as the number of videos. All the pictures in the photo sets are of very good quality and they are screencaps of their accompanying videos. These picture sets are collected in the Massage Photos section of the Ambush Massage site, with each of them containing 100 to 300 photos.

You should be able to view these photos through the site’s slideshow or download them in a zip file. If you only have a few pictures you want to save, it should be possible to save the pics individually. All the porn content that you can get your hands on here in the site is exclusive.

Video and stars

The thing about the videos that are featured here in the Ambush Massage porn site is that they all stars male leads. That’s only natural considering that this is a gay porn site dedicated to gay videos. The guys are generally Europeans and are generally scouted in the lovely city of Prague, Czech Republic. These males are the epitome of manliness as they show off their well-toned muscles and athletic built. Of course, some guys are on the slim side too. The guys are amateurs and some of them are even uncut. Generally, the scenes will involve one of the men coming in for a massage. Only that they will not expect that this massage will end up becoming more than what they availed. The main focus of the massage is to give the “happy ending” – in the sexual way.

Many hardcore sex plays can be seen in the videos uploaded here in the site. There are ones where the masseur starts by rubbing oil all throughout the client’s body. The massage will start out as plain as one can expect. However, the client is in for a big surprise when the massage slowly turns frisky. He’ll find the masseur’s fingers slowly circling the rim of his butt hole. Eventually, it will slowly make its way in. Of course, the client will be surprised at first but they won’t mind it as they end up feeling good, after all. There are many models who have already received this very happy massage and are even looking forward to going through it a second or third time. Some of the models who get the pleasant massage here in the Ambush Massage porn site include big names like Viktor Hugo, Milan Manek, Jura Marecek, Anton Sanek, Ondrej Novak, Mirek Belan, Alan Gerard, Erik Drda, Charli Lomoz, Kail Kopek, Vilda Molek, Leo Roun, and Ales Husar.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

Ambush Massage porn website is currently one of the leading sites in the gay porn niche. The site has successfully claimed its spot by relying on the skills of producer William Higgins. With his lead, the site has been able to produce numerous works. These works are even exclusive to the site. They are of high quality too, whether they are the videos or the photos. What’s amazing about this site is that it follows through with a single theme – gay sex above the massage table.

By focusing on this theme, the site has established itself and has made its appeal to the right audience. Since the site has been in existence since 2014, the video and photo archives already have a good number of content. The collection is still growing though. Aside from the photos and videos, there are bonus contents too. Access to the Ambush Massage porn website should bring you the best gay porn experience, so get your membership now.

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