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ChelseaSweet is a top solo girl porn site, which offers the hottest and kinkiest photos and videos of pornstar Chelsea Sweet. This blond slut has a very cute face and an awesome body that will make you drool for nights, at a stretch. The whole idea of creating a website titled ChelseaSweet is to showcase this exclusively beautiful and sexy pornstar’s amazing sex life, and how she can provide your dick the required food to jerk-off to glory and satisfaction.

Our key purpose for writing this review is to highlight what makes ChelseaSweet so sweet. And when we say sweet, we mean these words, for Chelsea is truly sweet. You will realize this when you read this review about her, and get to know how her site allows you to gain a deeper understanding of Chelsea Sweet masturbating, and appreciate her amazing band of friends, in your jerk-off missions. So, without any delay, let’s get to know more about ChelseaSweet and the awesome porn contents she offers for your kinky pleasures.


A look at the content

ChelseaSweet is an amazing site, because it boils down to the essence of what it is, and doesn’t waste time in any superficial contents. At the very top, or let’s say beginning, of the site, you’ll find a very colorful banner, featuring a few images of Chelsea. One image shows her lying in bed and spreading her legs, but mind you, she isn’t naked. She is wearing a colorfully dotted panty, and you will be wincing because she isn’t naked. Her vest is enticing enough to get you fantasizing about her.

Another image of her shows her wearing a top with the phrase, “My panties are hot.” And not only are her panties hot, but she is an awesomely sexy bitch as well, and her addictive smile is sufficient to get you daydream about her. There are a couple of links on the banner, primarily for the members to log in and new members to join. There is a notepad with a brief write-up about Chelsea Sweet, and her critical stats. Her stats cover her height, weight, birthday, eye colour, shoe size, her ambitions, what turns her on, what turns her off and what she or every girl needs.

There’s a free video trailer you can play on ChelseaSweet. The video is streamed to your browser window and is available in HD quality. Chelsea Sweet offer you exclusive movies of Chelsea Sweet in 1280 x 720 resolution at 4200 kbps, in addition to an exclusive photo gallery, unlimited downloads in zip format in multiple resolutions and access to many bonus sites, all of them being friends of Chelsea. As a plus, you get to create your own private archive when you become a member of this exclusive solo porn site.

Chelsea is one chick who can’t wait to have fun, and all her thumbnails that you see on the site are supposedly inviting you to have fun with her. The bonus sites you get on subscribing include DaniWild, GoGoAmanda, and JessieLove.

And when we talk about the members, we must say that ChelseaSweet is a very affordable porn site, and brings to you three membership plans, which include a trial plan, a monthly and a quarterly plan. The quarterly plan is the most impressive for it offers significant discounts over the monthly plan. But whatever the plan is, you are bound to enjoy the best moments of your life on ChelseaSweet.


Video and stars

There isn’t much to talk about the girls except for Chelsea. And sweet as she is, the site is aptly titled ChelseaSweet. The homepage doesn’t feature much of the videos and photos, and everything is available only when you log into the site. And when you become a member of ChelseaSweet, you get access to about 7 photo galleries and a dozen-and-a-half videos. Each video is accompanied by a few thumbnails.

Let’s describe Chelsea for you first, and then get to describe a photo gallery and an exclusive video. You won’t find true hardcore scenes, involving insane fucking and cum shots, but what you will find on ChelseaSweet will get your cock the necessary impetus to turn rock-hard from flaccid in no time.

Chelsea is a blond bitch and has a very sweet face. Her awesome body can get any man attracted to her in no time, especially when she is naked. Her breasts are perfectly round shaped and firm, and you will want to fondle them with your hands all night long. The nipples and areolas are insanely hot, and when you touch the nipples, they get a hard-on in no time. Suck them, and Chelsea will moan in ecstasy. Her pussy is shaven, while her pink cunt is always horny. She loves to masturbate and roam around her home naked.

The videos featured on ChelseaSweet are invariably solo masturbation videos, with Chelsea showing off her awesome pussy rubbing and masturbation skills. One of the videos shows her topless with a red panty and is seen recording herself rubbing her pussy. The slut looks so sexy that you will get a hard-on when you see her adjusting her camera with her breasts hanging in front of the camera lens.

She then proceeds to spread her legs in front of the camera and starts rubbing her cunt with her fingers. Moaning slowly at first, she then starts rubbing herself so vigorously that the moans become frenzied screams, till she cums hard.

The photo galleries also offer you still thumbnails of these exquisite videos which are bound to get you knocking your boxers off your body and jerking off to ecstasy.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

ChelseaSweet is a very beautiful and sweet website, much like Chelsea, the star of this solo porn site. She has everything that a guy needs to masturbate and brings an effervescence that is contagious. Her amazing masturbation performances on camera are wonderful, and literally, touch all your erogenous spots in the most amazing ways. At an affordable fee, you also get access to bonus sites for free. So, what more do you need to subscribe to ChelseaSweet? Join now!

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