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A lot of times, the porn world can leave you feeling cheated and frustrated. It can leave you feeling like you have no recourse and that no matter what happens you will not be able to get the jerk off experience that you are truly craving. This is because most sites out there in the porn world think that if they offer generic, basic porn that can just barely make you cum, they are doing their jobs perfectly well. They believe they then don’t have to worry about anything else at all. This is not the case obviously, and you are going to feel frustrated because tranny porn is something that is very difficult to find.

It is not easy to find because the stars that have the experience and skills to act out tranny porn videos are scarce. This means that porn sites will have to do a lot of efforts and use other resources to search them out. This is what most of the porn sites are unable to do. Only quality, experienced and skillful tranny porn stars can give the kind of quality output that will offer the most satisfying experience. You should search out such site to ensure your satisfaction.

With TSPlayground you are going to get a jerk off experience that is optimized to ensure that you get your money’s worth, no matter what happens. The girls that are available in the videos on this site are sexy trannies that look beautiful in every way, and this is great because the vast majority of porn sites out there don’t offer good looking trannies at all.


A look at the content

The site is all about simplicity and its layout truly reflects this. Light pink and white are the only colors in the site’s color scheme. The scheme goes well with the content offered on this site in a manner that makes you feel horny, playful and relaxed at the same time. The mix of the colors accentuates the site’s content greatly. It makes the content come alive so much that you feel you should jump in and be part of the action you are watching.

The site features a responsive design. It is a kind of design template which detects and recognizes the device you are using to browse the site and adjusts accordingly so you do not have to keep scrolling when the page loads. Responsive designs enhance the loading speed of a website greatly. This is even more important when you consider how much images and visual content a porn video site must have and how that can slow down its loading speed.

There are thumbnails on the site which are arranged in a grid format for easy toggling through the site’s content. The thumbnails represent video clips offered on the site. When you click any of them, the link redirects you to a page which is dedicated specifically to the video clip which the thumbnail represents. Navigating the site is quite easy because all navigational buttons and tabs are properly placed on the site. You can also pinpoint anything you are particularly looking for quite easily. This is made possible by the clearly labeled search function bar.

TSPlayground features full HD tranny porn videos. There are about 550 of them and they can be downloaded onto any personal devices in WMV, M4V or MP4 file formats. The ability to download them onto any device means you can watch them at your convenience anytime anywhere since that means you can also download them to mobile devices which you carry around. The highest resolution for the videos is 1920 x 1080 @ 7500 kbps. You can also stream the videos not an embedded flash player to watch them online.

The site also features about 500 photo sets with each having about 180 hi-res photos. The photos which can be downloaded as ZIP files have a resolution of 1600 x 1200.


Video and stars

The girls that are featured in the videos on the site have something truly special about them. The fact that they are all trannies certainly adds a charm that is difficult to ignore, but the girls are not just trannies, they are a lot more than that. When they fuck you, they make you feel as if you are in sexual heaven as they do not hold anything back. They are sluts that are wild and hungry for cock, they want to get as much as possible.

However, they are trannies so they are not afraid to fuck either. If you have ever fantasized about a sexy girl fucking a guy with her dick, the porn videos featured on the site have you covered for sure. To top it all off, you can even watch the girls that are featured in the videos offered on the site cum inside a guy’s asshole. This is something you are going to love for sure. The porn clips featured on the site also have scenes where the trannies fuck other girls with vaginas, and the sensuality that comes from these scenes is something that you are going to love without a doubt.

All in all, the porn that is available on this site is so good that it is better than anything you have been able to find anywhere else in the porn world without a doubt. It will end up leaving you feeling completely satisfied. So much so that no other porn site in the world of porn will be able to come close to making you feel this way at all.

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Final thoughts

No matter what you are into, the porn clips offered on the site will have you feeling good in no time. This is because the site has put a lot of effort into ensuring you get your money’s worth, so you should subscribe to the site. It is rare to find a porn site this good, but when you get a look at how much it costs you are going to be shocked.

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