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Hey guys! Do you watch Netflix? How about porn? How about both of them? Now, how about combining those two? Yes, it’s actually an idea out there! Some people in the internet actually had the idea to make people be able to see porn videos that are supposed to be only available in DVD, on stream! Yes, now you can do that, with SugarInstant! The idea is just like Netflix, really. You get to see an insane amount of porn DVDs that could now be rented!

Have this porn movie you really liked before but now you can’t remember where it was and you can’t find a copy of it anywhere? With SugarInstant, you can now find that movie again! Once you become a member, you will be able to see all the hundreds and thousands of those porn videos you love! This site will let you see what you like anytime, anywhere, on any platform as long as you’re a member and you have the internet! Believe me, it’s as amazing as it sounds and as it gets!

A look at the content

SugarInstant has one of the best porn site designs that you will ever see. It will give out what you want even with just the opening page, the one that confirms if you will enter the site. You came for porn, right? Well boom, right off the bat, you’ll get something really erotic to prepare you for the countless porn movies that you will be able to see inside the site. And it’s not just a picture, mind yourself. It’s not still life. It’s moving, it’s a gif. And it’s a thousand times more erotic than just a picture. Also, in the opening page, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to enter the awesome Netflix-like goodness that is SugarInstant. If you’d rather watch Netflix, there’s a button that redirects you to the Google homepage.

However, if you do want to watch all that porn, there’s this button that directs you inside the site. Before you go in, however, take note of the things that were written in the opening page. Usually people skip this part but this is rather important, as it’s not like the other opening pages. It shows you not only the terms of use but also some info, like, say, a free 10 day trial when you’re using Playstation, iPad or Roku. Yes, that’s right. These platforms can be used to view SugarInstant! Anyways, you get to know more, as well as see more, once you enter SugarInstant itself. And the site just keeps on delivering. You get to know once you enter the site that you can actually use this site on many, many platforms!

You are able to see this on Roku, on Boxee, Playstation, Google TV, iPad, Android, XBox, PC, Mac or Wii! It’s insane that this kind of site can actually be accessed in almost all kinds of platforms! And not only that, you also get to see all kinds of porn movies here! It has even been arranged so that you will be able to see which of the porn are available for each kind of device! It’s really amazing! But that’s not all there is to the site! You can even see live shows, streams of girls who want to let people see themselves live! And how it’s shown is a chronological order of the scheduled live streams! It’s just so amazing! Also, in the live shows part, they use this “token” system.

Every time you get into a live show, or contribute to that live show, you’ll be given corresponding tokens. You can then use these tokens to be able to get “special treatment” from some of the girls of the live shows! You can get one of these items once you get enough tokens: a signed polaroid from the girl herself, a custom video that the girl will give to you, a phone call from the girl, and finally a super special surprise that you will get from the girl herself! It’s a surprise, so who knows what it is, but who cares! It’s a really special surprise for the members of the site who contribute much!

But it’s not even the end of this! Did you know that there are also videos for the Oculus, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR? Yes, that’s right! Yes, you can! And this isn’t paid separately from the others. All of it is included and available with the unlimited streaming plans! That money you use when you become a member of the site? With all the awesome stuff you get from the site? You won’t even think about it. And the way you pay, as well as your membership in the site is also safe. The registration process is in a safe and secure private server. If it’s not sweet enough for you, then I don’t know what is!

Video and stars

As it has been said, it’s like the Netflix of porn. And as Netflix offers so many kinds of genres and so many different kinds of movies, it’s the same with SugarInstant. You get to see so many different kinds of girls doing so many different kinds of stuff. What do you want when it comes to porn? They’re all right here. All of the movies show all kinds of girls, whether you want them to be amateurs, or you want the best of the best porn stars, whatever race or hair color or bust size or ass size, or anything really, it’s all available here in SugarInstant!

You get to see full length movies of these girls, and the quality with which they are being shot? They’re not just like the videos you see in generic porn sites, no. You get to see some of the best resolution available, sometimes even reaching up to 4K HD resolution! Finally, with that wide array of porn videos, it’s natural that you’d want to at least download the videos. Well, depending on the plan that you use, you can actually download them! The best and the finest porn videos? Now you can download them, easy!

Membership price

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Final thoughts

Take a wide array of porn movies from different sites and different DVDs that covers a wide collection of niches that can be shown on a lot of platforms for a little price, and you get SugarInstant. You’ll never regret being a member of SugarInstant.

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