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Let us talk about sex! Since we reading reviews for a website that showcases sex videos, it is safe to say that we all love sex. The feeling of being in someone’s arm, in their warm embrace. Sometimes that is all it takes to get off all our worries. There are quite a few people who are looking to make love. But there is a difference between that and having sex. And nowadays, the distinction between making love and having sex constantly increases. More and more people are just having a sort of a physical attraction and an emotional one.

It is very easy to get sex today. And even if people do not get sex too often, there is the never failing porn videos. Considering from where it all began it is clear the porn industry has boomed over the decades. From the few badly produced videos to the overly perfect full high definition. It has seriously come along a long way. And that is not. There is a porn video for every one out there. Any fetish or any preference of yours will be satisfied.

Although the biggest problem of it all is that porn videos are created for men. It is a known fact that porn videos are made while keeping a man’s preference and likes in mind. In porn videos, you will mainly see the stars getting it on rather than taking it slow and making love. Pornography is rather animalistic. Porn videos do not focus on the emotional aspect of sex. The main purpose of a porn video or even a porn site is to get men all hot and horny and help them get their jizz out.

It is not the worst thing ever and it has its own audience.
But what if you do not belong to that audience? In that case, you are most likely a woman. Most women do not find porn videos helpful. They find it over sexual and it is very evident that it has been created keeping men in mind. They do not find porn videos genuine. They know what really turns a woman on. And what is shown in a porn video is not what turns a woman on. It is what turns only men on. For women, they are not just looking to get off like men.

They are seeking a bit of emotional connect too in what they see. They want something that turns on every fiber of their being. So, keeping all this in mind, it was about time there was a ‘porn’ site for women. And, thus, a bunch of women created SsshAlumni. SsshAlumni is a website that is made for women by women. They made this website knowing what women are really looking for. SsshAlumni is not your regular porn site. But it is much more than that. The website does not revolve wholly and solely around sex. It is sex and more.

A look at the content

Do you love reading romance novels? Just to look at the cover page with the two bodies in such an embrace turns you on? Then the layout of SsshAlumni is something you will definitely fall in love with. They have tried their best to ensure that everything about the website comes across as a romance novel. Everything about it, from the colors they have used, to images and as well as the font style, it will just appear like a romance novel. The website has the ability to make things feel very nostalgic for you. Let us talk about the color scheme that is used on this website. The colors are classic romance novel colors. They have used colors like purple, light blue and white. Everything about these colors just screams love and romance. The colors are very gentle and so very feminine. Also, the font style used on this website is very elegant. You have an option on the website to even change the language if you like. Presently, there are two option. Either English or French.

When you land on the tour page of the website, the first thing you will notice is the blonde woman lying down while wearing a night gown. This woman looks like she could be casted in any classic Hollywood romance movie. On the left hand side, there will be a welcome note from SsshAlumni followed by the update on the website along with a little description. You will also see a slideshow with some really sexy images which constantly change every five seconds. One look at the layout and you will feel like you are holding your favorite romance novel.

Video and stars

We are just in love with what SsshAlumni has got to offer. Not just romance, like the layout they have, but even the girls and the content will make you feel like it. When you see the line up of men and women they have on their website, you will realize that you have really struck gold. Each of the models have fantastic bodies, the ones that we could only dream of to attain, and there are models of every different race out here. What is really intriguing is that all the content you will find here is from a woman’s perspective.

We found this very cool section when we were browsing the members page, it is called the ‘get to know yourself’ section. This section has got to do with everything about female masturbation. We like that they are helping women be in touch with their sexuality. SsshAlumni also has a lot of content for lesbians too. And all the content here is actually created for lesbians keeping them in mind, unlike other lesbian porn which is mainly targeted towards straight men. There are all different sections in the members’ page. You will come across sections that are exclusively dealing with style, fitness, sexual health, advice and a whole lot more. They have ensured to try to make this website a woman’s paradise.

About the technical aspect of this website, you will find roughly over than 200 videos. And most of these are in full high definition. Videos on this website are in flash player format to watch. There are many photos in the photo gallery too. The images are at 1600×1200 resolution and very professional looking. All in all, this is a fantastic website, and we seriously suggest that you sign up right away.

Membership price

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  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $99.95 – $8.32/Mo.

Final thoughts

We think we have written about SsshAlumni in extensive detail. We cannot possibly praise the website anymore. We are also sure you will not find a website that is so exclusive to women alone. And with the content they offer and the line up of models, things are going to get real wet. And, did we mention that they update their site almost every day? How many more reason do you need to head on right there and subscribe! So, go now. You can thank us later.

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