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Sexysettings, as the name suggests, is a website where sexy models are set up to perform the most intimate scenes of pleasure on camera. The website is dedicated to BDSM lovers who love to dominate their partners and make love to them in a special way by tying up their hands and legs. The girls are dressed in soft nylons and during the act they are pleasured. Multiple intense orgasms and some dominating fingering and foreplay are the main themes in these videos. Sexysettings is one such website that indulges in making videos of amateur girls. These girls are new in the porn industry and are tied up for the first time on camera. The scenes displayed on the website are their first ever constraining scenes. The guys in the video are so experienced that it takes just moments to make the girls orgasm fiercely and once they get their first orgasm, their fluid keeps on gushing out continuously throughout the video. There are some websites which aim at performing wild and rough fucking scenes causing a lot of displeasure for the girls (the girls don’t complain though). But on this website, the process is somewhat different. The girls are tied here also but instead of causing them highest stitch and rough fucking, the girls are subjects to highest pleasure. They are not allowed to calm down once they attain this state. The continuous and serious fingering and use of vibrators and other stuff do not allow their orgasm to subside. The amateur models, as well as the viewers, prefer this type of scenes because the viewers’ dominative attitude is also respected and the submissive attitudes of the girls lead them to pleasure instead of anguish. It is because of this that the scenes here appear more intimate. Even though these scenes are way different from soft love making romantic scenes but the intimacy level is very high. The skill of the cameraperson to capture the right emotion at the right angle brings intensity to the video. The camera focuses on the eyes of the girls and captures their expression so beautifully that it appears as if the act is being performed in front of the viewer. This website has got original pixels award for showcasing original and fresh content in high definition. The website has got good reviews from other reviewing agencies like porn inspector, the best porn, review porn, find all porn, rabbit reviews and many more.

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A look at the content

The website reads Claude’s sexy settings and a tagline follows which says Naked and tied up females in domestic settings. All the videos shot for the website are indoors and in a domestic background. The girls are made to perform in a room or they are tied up on the bed or sometimes they are made to perform in the lobby tied in standing position with the help of the ropes. The website takes more than four to five clicks to finally enter the members’ area and the guest to the website rarely get something to devour. The members, however, get loads of content, both high definition pictures as well as the porn sequences on the website. All these videos are there for the members to download in different qualities as per user’s ease of use. The website also has provision for streaming videos online so that the members need not require downloading the video to enjoy the act. The BDSM niche offered here is quite different from what is being served on other websites. Sexysettings provide videos which showcase pleasurable constraints with utmost intensity but least displeasure. The heat of the bound girls is on display. This type of constraint is liked by all those who want to dominate their partner but do not want to inflict stitch also. There are very fewer competitors in this sub-niche as most of the BDSM websites prefer rough, savage sex where inflicting anguish is the sole motive for the viewers to enjoy the video.

Video and stars

All the girls on this website are newcomers or amateurs. They have performed these BDSM scenes for the very first time in front of the camera. Most of them are of the required age group when they like experimenting with their bodies and are not afraid of venturing out into the unknown territories. These are mostly chicky girls with C or D cup breasts. Most of them come voluntarily to see how a chain of wild and fierce orgasms actually feels like. These girls are submissive in nature and obey whatever their partner directs them to do. The videos on this website feature in a special way where a clip of mere five to six minutes is shown and a description is written on the website. The whole act is performed from the beginning to the end in the same manner. This is beneficial for those viewers who want to see a specific scene. They can directly switch to that portion which they want to see and can download that very part instead of downloading the complete video. There are a lot of images as well showing the bitches in heat craving for some real pounding for the viewers to enjoy. Some of the images are so appealing that the viewer gets glued to the image and imagines whole incident multiple times in his mind.

Final thoughts

The guys who want to dominate their partners but do not want to inflict anguish have finally something of their likings to devour on. The website offers loads of videos for them. The intense videos are a treat to watch. If you love these kinds of videos, this website is for you as you would not get something with such intensity and the bitches in heat.

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