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Porn has become a main stay industry today, and it is time we accepted this fact. Porn had very humble beginnings at the end of the nineteenth century, 1896 to be precise. And then the moral police compelled it to go underground when hardcore movies were produced by 1910. Today’s porn is as hardcore as it was in 1910. What does this indicate? The nature of porn has not changed since its humble beginnings and people have loved watching the same thing since those times.

Over the years, porn has undergone a lot of changes. Changes in terms of what? Not in terms of the nature of hardcore porn, but in terms of how people consume porn. From the modest cassettes, porn became high quality with CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. When Internet took the world by storm, porn was the first industry to take advantage of it. Porn lovers could enjoy porn whenever they wanted, and the industry slowly started gaining mainstream acceptance. The need to keep abreast of technologies compelled porn to adapt itself to changing tastes, and today, it is the most innovative industries in the world.

One of the innovations that the porn industry has adopted is virtual reality or VR, and there are very few sites that offer this porn. One of the sites offering VR porn is RealityLovers. RealityLovers offers amazing VR porn videos that will blow your mind away. Only thing you will need is a VR gear, such as Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, or Google Cardboard. You can also use your smartphone to watch these videos. Read this review to understand more about RealityLovers.

A look at the content

You must now have got familiar with virtual reality and the use of appropriate VR gear. However, for your benefit, we will briefly look at the innate features of VR that allows you to experience porn in a new way, rather than passively watch porn. VR porn gives allows you to get a 3D perception of the videos, get a 180-degree view of the surroundings, use head tracking technology to check out minute details and listen to realistic, binaural sound. The result of these features is a porn experience that is close to reality, but only happening in a virtual world.

RealityLovers provides all the above-mentioned features of VR, at a very affordable price. Since we have broached the topic of affordability, let us check this out. The site can be subscribed to in two ways, through a prepaid plan or a recurring plan. You can pay in advance for one video or three videos or five videos under the prepaid plans. Under the recurring plans, you have the options of choosing the monthly, quarterly or annual memberships to suit your convenience. If you ask me, the best plan is the annual plan, which gives you unlimited viewing of these videos.

Let us now check out the other features of this site, including its design. The design is apt and precise; this is a no-frills site that promises what it gives you. Welcoming you with two naked sluts in a seductive embracing pose, you will drool looking at their lustful eyes. Useful tabs are at the very top of the site, such as Home, Login, Join, Help and Blog. On scrolling down, you will find two videos that are waiting to be released. Yes, the site releases two new videos every week, and you will get a glimpse of the next two, and its date of release.

A very simple colour scheme of red and grey, with a white background is used effectively to highlight the videos. The videos are loaded against alternating red and grey backgrounds, that helps accentuate the videos.
There are 67 videos and each video is loaded on the embedded flash player for streaming. You can watch a two-and-a-half-minute trailer of each video to your satisfaction. A brief description, the video’s title, and 10 thumbnail photographs complete each video’s detail. I don’t think I should explain you should view the videos, but if you have any concerns, you can visit the Help section or the Blog section and check out the Tutorial presented.

Blog, isn’t it a little amusing that this site also presents blogs? The blog section will give you the latest information about this site, including news clippings and articles, as well as the girls and sluts featured in the videos. There is a newsletter subscription link where you can key in your email id and you will receive regular updates. A very cool way to keep you on top of this site.

Video and stars

The part that you were eagerly waiting for has arrived. The girls, and you can get the details from the Blog section. The site features the most beautiful sluts you have ever seen, and these sluts are exclusive only to this site. There is no dearth of words to describe these chicks, but what I can tell you is that the diversity is something you will appreciate. From ebonies to Latinas, and American sluts to European ones, this site has the sexiest sluts to satisfy your inner fantasies.

You can indulge in threesomes with two ultra-sexy cunts or watch a hunk bang his girlfriend in a voyeur video. If you like to watch lesbian shows, you can enjoy bitches playing in the bathroom or on the bed. There are numerous options for females and they can experience POV from a female perspective, and cum hard. BDSM lovers also have something to cheer in the form of maledom and femdom.

A video, perhaps, can set your cock flying high. Francys is a mischievous brunette who likes to party when her parents are not home. Her parties are kinky and reeks with the smell of sex. She is one who likes to be kissed all over her body, and likes to kiss and suck a rock-hard cock. The sight of a dick that is tearing through the pants of a hunk makes her cunt wet. When she calls you, you know what she wants, for her parents are not home. You happily agree to attend her party, for your dick is now itching for her sexy lips and mouth.

After a customary drink, she lifts her blouse to show her amazing boobs and nipples. You are soon kissing her, all over the body. Francys soon takes over, and gives you a very satisfying blowjob. She walks around her house naked, and holding your cock, takes you to the poolside. Making you lie down, she rides you, in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position. All the while, her eyes are fixated on you, making you go wild with the anticipation of what will happen next. You fuck her hard and finally cum on her, emptying your warm jizz all over her face, mouth, and boobs.

Membership price

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  • $19.99
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $119.99 – $9.99/Mo.

Final thoughts

Was your jerk-off session satisfying, after fucking Francys? If yes, then you should go back to the top of the home page and click on Join. Trust me, you will never regret this decision for the rest of your live. If you do not have any VR gear, use your smartphone, or purchase one. But whatever you do, make sure that you opt for the annual subscription and jerk-off to the newest porn experience RealityLovers gives you.

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