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When was the last time you saw a girl sucking a big bone in a party in front of everyone or involved in a battle of tongue with a guy or girl? If your answer is probably in your big days, then it is time to relive those memories again. There are websites functioning in the realm which provide hardcore action which takes place in parties. One such website is the Real Girls Gone Bad. The contents mainly involve hot big girls and guys enjoying a wild night, celebrating god knows what and doing all kinds of explicit things such as fucking amidst all, dancing seductively, giving indications to guys or girls to come and tango with them, girls sucking on cocks till it bursts and also giving strip tease. The website is quite popular as the action is real and involves no porn stars.

All the girls which you will find in the videos are real live girls, the ones you would associate in everyday life. However, these girls are quite the performers and as the partying goes late into the night, off goes their clothes and out comes their naughtiness and eroticness. There are a host of fun-filled activities such as taking active participation in bar crawls, wet t shirt contents, private shoots and lots more. The videos are shot with state of the art cameras and that is what makes the videos superb in quality. The guys who have shot these happenings have made sure that they cover all the aspects, even the words uttered in the middle to give it a more realistic feel. The fun and excitement of these girls when they take part in some activity is clearly revealed. They are so perfect that you on watching it will almost feel that the entire action is taking place right in front of you.

The pictures are also great, crisp and lively and equal the videos in the quality aspect. I checked the accessibility of the website and found that the website is easy to navigate, even for one who is not that well equipped in handling the internet. However the aspect which marks the success of the website is the regularity of content additions. From what I learned, the website gets updates quite frequently and so whenever an existing member logs into his account or say a foreign viewer comes to check out the website for the first time, they will ample contents lined up to enjoy. However amidst all the good things, there are some flaws which also came into notice during by time here.

The first thing which made me vexed was the fact the website prevents download of videos. The second thing is the layout and design of the website is very boring. But putting the flaws aside, the website does provide awesome contents and that is all you as viewers should be bothered about. Also if the download is not an option, you are definitely getting the option of watching the videos online through the website’s inbuilt flash player. So it does prove to be beneficial setting up a membership account of your very own.

A look at the content

When you enter the website for the first time, you will not be welcomed by some spectacular website design. In fact the website designers have used a white background. However the white background does prove to be useful in a way that it makes the available materials in the home page more appealing. There is a search engine on offering which you can use to check out your preferable contents. In fact as you slide down the home page, you will find that the latest updates all present in the home page. There are different videos of different activities and all of them do appear to be in good quality. There is also a free access which you can use to check out the website first hand before applying for membership.

This is a good option as it allows you to check out whatever is present in the website. For setting up an account, the steps are fairly easy. Firstly you will have to click on the sign up page which on doing so will take you to the registration region. There you will find some empty spaces asking for your information. Simply fill up the gaps and submit the request. The website will send out a confirmation notification and as you receive that, it marks the start of your account. From then onwards, you will be able to check out all the latest updates as well as the older videos without any strings attached.

Video and stars

The girls that you will find here are all big goers. They are about in their 20s and all of them are both beautiful and hot. They are also quite naughty and that you will find in the videos. They will be seen with cocks in their mouth or jumping upon one. They will be seen flashing their tits or completely removing their uppers to rub boobs with some other chick. Intense smooching and fingering will also be seen. Plus fun-filled activities will complete the rest of the action. The videos are also quite amazing in quality. They have everything right about them, the clarity, the sound and also the action. The pictures mirror the movies. The disappointment is that these videos and pictures cannot be downloaded and kept as priced possessions. Instead you would have to suffice by viewing it online by streaming it via the website’s flash media player. One great thing is the website gets constant additions and so you are sure to get new and intensifying contents every single time.

Membership price

  • $9.99
  • $19.99
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $119.88 – $9.99/Mo.

Final thoughts

The website offers great value for money. With great contents, regular updates and an easy to access website, we are talking about one nearly perfect porn site. The only issue is not being able to download the videos or pics; otherwise it could have been THE website for porn mongers.

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