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When I first accessed Public Invasion, I had this idea that the page was all about women having sex with strangers in public places such as restaurants, the beach, market places and more. However, after signing up on the site I realized that they do have sex in secluded public places where there are chances of being caught. I can just imagine the adrenaline or the anticipation of being caught with your pants down.

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A look at the content

Public Invasion has a very beautiful design and layout. Everything on it is laid in such an organized manner. What I like is that there are no clusters and annoying ads. Navigation around it is also very simple and fast. The menus aid in browsing around the entire collection. One of the things that made me excited about Public Invasion was the fact that the site is mobile friendly. I managed to access the site via my mobile phone. Everything on the mobile version was similar to what is presented on the original version. I could even manage to download the videos and the photos. Now i have an excuse to look forward to my lunch breaks when I am in the office. I cannot mind sneaking a peek on one or two videos. There is also a detailed search engine where members can be able to type category tags or key words to look for videos, models or photos on the site. For example if you want to access lesbian films, all you have to do is type lesbian on the search box and all the videos and photos with this genre or theme will pop up.

Video and stars

Girls found at Public Invasion are above the age of consent, ranging from 21-45 years of age. Models are mostly Europeans who have killer bodies, well toned for a fuck. My favorite model is Ava. She is a brunette with a lean body. The girl has several piercing in her body including a belly piercing and a tongue piercing. Her scene starts when she is walking around with her girlfriend to the supermarket and she is approached by the Bang Bros. They offer her money for her to kiss her friend who is also a hot blonde. She agrees for $20 and they make out. They are kissing passionately even giving each other tongue. They are offered more money in order for them to continue fucking. They both move to a more secluded place in the beach. They incorporate sex toys in their love making. They are both using a purple vibrator and a clit massager. They use the toys on each other in turns. The scene is so erotic and steamy it left me so horny and in need of an immediate jerk off. The site has managed to upload 280 videos which are 15 minutes plus long. The videos can be downloaded or streamed online. They can be downloaded in wmv or mp4 formats. They can be watched online using an embedded flash. There are also additional photo set galleries. They are 90 plus in number with each containing more than 15 photos in each set. The photos vary in size, some are large while others are medium sized. They are all of very good quality, shot with very high tech cameras. Public Invasion is all about high definition work and that is what i like most about this site.

Final thoughts

If you are a fan of public nudity then this is your cup of tea. I would totally recommend the site to you. It’s affordable and the rates are very enticing. The site also has bonus sites. These sites also come with bonus videos and photos. Bang Bros is a very huge network and it is growing at a very large rate.

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