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Never heard about Mythic Women?


If you are a person who loves to dwell in your own fantasy world filled with seductive divas in medieval costumers then the site which we are going to present before you will prove to be your best option. The site is referred to as Mythic women and it is a unique presentation of gorgeous women wearing hot and revealing two piece costumes and acting like old warrior princess or an evil women who is the guardian of a dungeon.

The site exactly knows what is inside your head and plays it out in erotic fashion just to make it true. These girls are amazing in their looks and when they wear these attires their beauty seems to be magnified several times. The site does not have too many materials inside and when you set up an account, you will get merely 12+ videos and about 110+ galleries, but they are all superb in presentation and definitely will catch your attention.

Each of the picture galleries is stacked with about 60 pictures and they appear crisp and clear. The subscription packages are also cost effective and considering the kind of stuff which awaits you, the deal does seem to be inviting.
In fact my stay in the website was quite a pleasant one, the picture as well as the video galleries appeared to be intriguing and the chicks on display were top class. I was particularly impressed with the concept which they have tried to present the site. They have taken an era which has long diminished and worked well with it with appropriate background, clothing and prop.

They will take you to scenarios of chains, spears, dungeons and giving a captive or in modern words a BDSM look. There is also ample exposure of nudity through the movies and the proud women and the way the hold themselves in front of the cameras will definitely make you happy and sexcited. So whether they are out saving the day or causing some evil, the action will give you complete value for the money which you have expensed in the form of subscription. I also noticed that the site is good in its download as well as streaming functionality and hence you can obtain and enjoy your favourite videos in the manner you want to.

The videos are also crisp in terms of both watching as well as hearing and they are on an average of about 1280x720p HD formats. There are about a couple of updates in a month which is also quite good and the content in terms of its exclusivity is also top notch. I felt pleased with whatever I saw in terms of the materials and them and I am pretty sure that you will too. About the design and navigation of the site, there are some great things as well as some not to impressive facts. Let us check them out too. Keep on reading the remainder of the review.

A look at the content

When first stepping inside the main membership portion of the site, I found that leaping from one page to another was easy and hassle free. There are plenty of samples which stack up the home arena and they are also pretty organised. The simplicity of the pages is what will enthral you. Images galore in the home page and if you want to check them out, you will have to click on them individually. The background colour is aqua green and goes well with the theme presented. However you will not find any videos in the home page and for that you will have to click on ‘the learn more’ option.

There is one thing which is unique and that is the new section. This is one part of the site which presents you details of whatever undertakings are going to take place in the site in the near future and also the chicks that the site has added from time to time. The membership steps are grand and if you want your name in it, you will have to click on the join now option and give the site some of your personal details namely your name, email account stats and also for your account set up, a username and a password which will grant you entry to the site pages and the content which fill it up.

The subscriptions is also given on the very page and selecting one which is pocket friendly for you, you can send out the request and wait for the site to confirm it. If you find that the site has confirmed your account set up with a green signal, then you will be able to access all the material on the different pages. There are also no worries involved with your details as the site protects it in superlative fashion. The site is also authorised in its dealings and also is RTA registered. The customer service is also great and helps you solve all your problems. These are the good parts and now for the bad part.

The site does not provide any information about the girls in the pictures and also the images do not display the listed set of videos. The thumbnails though are delightful to look at; they are very less in number. There is also no search engine nor are there any filtering options present top help you choose your videos.

Video and stars

Mythic women will present stunning models in cages, sorceress, large boobs, shaven vagina mounds, tattoos, piercing and with swords or spears. The costumes are eccentric and make these models all the more electrifying. Some of the footage is stunning both in picture as well as sound quality and the fact that you can enjoy they as downloads as well as streaming is all the more convenient. The site pledged to give you videos each of about 1280x720p HD and pictures which also mirror the videos. The collection is medium but it extremely erotic and appropriate to masturbate with.

Final thoughts

The site was originated in 2012 and ever since then they have tried to improve in many ways. The updates still need a bit of improvement and they can also improve the site accessibility and load it up with video previews. But as an overall the site is great and does give you erotic samples from the medieval dark ages.

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