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Premium content is something that has no substitute. If you like porn, and if you like good porn, then you should definitely check this site out, MMPNetwork. They have amazing and versatile content, from mature ladies handling newbie cocks to some really good roleplay scenes. Best of all, the videos are shot in a very high resolution, so the image sharpness should blow you away, too, as well as the action.

A look at the content

I have enjoyed this site, and not just for its good content. Once you get to the home page, you will see that the simplicity of the design is the one thing that sets it apart from the others. The site’s really going to help you enter the experience that is lust and porn. At the top of the page you can find the site’s logo, placed against a black background. Below, you’ll be able to see a search bar, as well as a list of the newest videos. You’ll be able to sort those videos according to a few different criteria.

They are organized in a grid like way and have short captions as well as ratings next to each thumbnail. While you do have access to the trailers, in order to see what you would get by joining, the premium content is locked until you join. Joining, however, is easy, you only need to click the blue, distinct sign up button at the top right of the page. Let me tell you, this site is a pleasure to browse, as it is not only swift, but also optimized for the mobile devices.

Video and stars

But this is only the beginning, as after you join the site, you get access to all the lovely ladies and men that are hungry for sex. You’ll find that they are different from one another and that they like different styles of porn but that is not even the beginning, as each and every performer also enjoys doing a variety of things. You will see them in things like threesomes, orgies and one on one sessions. They love roleplay so if you like gym scenes, be sure that the personal trainer is going to have a field day. Meanwhile, a meditation session can quickly but passionately turn into a lustful sex scene, just for your pleasure.

A night ride in a limousine is also a very good way to spend your evenings, even more so when two hot girls are getting handsy with your dick. What about that auto mechanic who’s down and dirty under a car, whilst the lady in trouble is seducing him, slowly but surely? Don’t worry, you’ll find a vast amount of variety here. You have access to over 400 videos, all in different resolutions. Most of them are available in full HD while some of them you can even enjoy in 4K, for the ultimate pleasure on that big screen. The videos last for 20 minutes on average and are available for streaming.

Membership price

  • N/A
  • $29.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $99.95 – $8.32/Mo.

Final thoughts

I have found MMPNetwork to be a great site, one where you will find nothing but pleasure. The site offers a variety of high quality porn, from threesomes and blowjobs, to some really creative roleplay scenes. Joining this site brings you 4K videos, as well as 2 more sites to explore, for free. Enjoy the lust that is MMPNetwork and be sure that you will never be disappointed by their content.

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