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There is such a thing as lesbian anal, you know, and I was kind of taken by surprise when discovering about it, which made my day very warm and fuzzy, seeing all the action I wanted in such a marvelous fashion. At lesbianass, I found my new favorite sex videos, all having girls get their asses penetrated, though in what way, that you will have to see, as there are various hard objects they prefer.


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A look at the content

The site itself is a beauty and its design very warm and welcoming. Just by opening the front page I could see that they have invested into the site, though that might be overlooked at first glance, as you would be confronted by a very minimalistic design, so minimalistic, in fact, that it would be easy for you to miss the great things it brings to the site like the fact that you are allowed to go straight to the videos themselves, without actually wasting time.

With a nice blue and white shade, the site’s colors are relaxing and engaging at the same time. A lot of sample videos await you, all with nice little captions which summarize them briefly. Apart from the marvelously minimalistic design, you could also enjoy in the navigation as well, as it runs really smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that you get to view all the porn you want without any lag. The same could be said of the mobile site, as it allows you to run through the videos without as much as a second of delay.

Video and stars

As far as lesbians are concerned, the site is full of them, and given the fact that it is dedicated to anal as well, you are well aware what that implies. It implies a lot of girls gnawing at each other’s pussies and asses, getting to the part where they know that a bit of hardcore must be added to the show. Such action is performed by using dildos, vibrators and other helpful toys such as anal plugs and beads.

Whether the girls in question are ebony or white, the pleasure you would get would not depend on it, as they all love sex and fucking and they are not afraid to show it. Sometimes, a man or two would join them, prompting them to leave the toys aside and take their hard cocks up their asses. Those sessions end in a lot of cum on their faces and boobs, which they would usually proceed to eat and swallow, being quite hungry for it. The fact that they are lesbians does not mean that they shy away from other challenges like double penetration or even satisfying three dicks at once.

Add to that party the Asian women and their extra tight private parts and you are in for a lot of screaming, and a lot of orgasms. The videos themselves are in high quality, so much that all the close ups become almost anatomy shots when the asses get penetrated and you are able to see all the kinky details you like. Along with the regularly updated video database, the membership fee is insignificant and joining becomes just a click of a button.

Final thoughts

If lesbians are what turns you on the most, then do not shy away from this site, that is, lesbianass, a site dedicated to the women on women action with anal sex, strapon action, and even double penetration, as these girls shy away from no challenge or pleasure. Join in the fun for a small fee and get access to the ever growing base of high quality, regularly updated vidoes. The website does not accept members anymore. If you are looking for more lesbian contents let’s try LESBIAN ASS.

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