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Jock Pussy is the best gay porn site in town. Launched in 2017, this gay xxx site has been featuring the world’s hottest transsexual, Luke Hudson and his appetite for hardcore sex. These gay HD videos are all you need if you want to witness Luke’s unique body for being a transsexual.

A look at the content

Being the newest site in town, Jock Pussy keeps up with the latest trend of 2017 by incorporating a minimalist and simple website design. It has a user interface that is easy to comprehend primarily because it does not have too much clutter. It is perfect for those who finds a neat website a plus factor. The navigation is also easy to use. The main menu is strategically located at the uppermost portion of the site. I can also guarantee that it works perfectly as how it is supposed to work. There are no dead links. It takes you to the interesting places on the site like the homepage, the site’s collections, the model’s profile, your favorite videos, and the most popular videos. The homepage is where you can find the latest news about the site and the recently uploaded videos.

This way, you won’t have to go through the site’s collection to find out what’s new around the site. I just one glance you already have an idea what’s added and what to expect. The recently uploaded videos that you can see in the homepage goes along with a screenshot from different scenes in the video, a short description of the scene, the date it was uploaded and the porn stars that you can see in the scenes. Yes, even though the site features Luke Hudson as the main character, there are also some scenes where he’s accompanied by his friends. You can also find the same setup in the site’s collection section of the site. Moreover, you can also comment and rate the videos.

The ratings can go as low as one star to as high as five stars. You can also mark the videos as favorites and save them in your favorites section where you can watch it anytime you want. Most importantly, the site also has sorting options and browsing aids to help your experience as convenient as possible. The videos can be sorted according to the date it was uploaded, the title according to alphabetical order, and the ratings. There is also an advanced search bar for faster and more specific searches.

The collection if the site is also growing. As for now, it still does not have photosets. Most probably, this is because the site is still new and developing. The videos also keep on growing in numbers each week. Currently, there are already more than 15 scenes in the site’s collection and this collection could still increase in the following weeks since the site updates weekly or every two weeks. There’re a lot of high definition videos that you can choose from. There are 1920×1080 videos while there are also 1280×720 videos. One good thing
about the site is that it has exclusive videos that run for 20 to 25 minutes. You can stream the videos for as much as you want because there are no download options in the site. I don’t think this is a huge bummer though because the flash player that is embedded in the site is fast and reliable.

Video and stars

Jock Pussy is quite very unusual compared to other porn sites that I’ve seen. In this site, it features a buff jock named Luke Hudson who is also accompanied by his other hunk friends in some of his scenes. I bet any female would definitely end up with an exploded ovary upon seeing this handsome fella. Who wouldn’t fall for this guy? He’s got a nicely built and chiseled chest with a face that’s close to perfection. With a build like that, you would also expect that it comes with a big package and even bigger when it’s hard and erected.

Well, that’s most probably the case when Luke Hudson gets dressed up. But the moment he takes off his clothes, you’ll probably be surprised that this jock is one of the most privileged who has a flawless pussy. Yes! Luke is a jock with a pussy and he surely knows how to make every scene steamy and exciting. Luke also has a bunch of awesome and good looking friends that are also equally as hot as him. The only difference is that his friends are jocks with real dicks that are extremely huge.

In most of his scenes, you’ll see Luke being drilled by some of his hunk friends. Those large and erected penis look very comfortable inside that tight pussy. In some scenes, they also have anal sex which I think Luke also enjoys. In some cases where Luke’s friends are not available to play, Luke takes good care of his horniness by playing with his wet pussy. There are a lot of erotic scenes that you can find here that will take you to a different level of horniness.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

Jock Pussy gives us a brand new porn experience. This new site is definitely the newest yet the most interesting site in town. For those who wants a little bit of adventure and who’s not afraid to try out new things, I would highly recommend Jock Pussy. This gay porn site has lots of exciting stuff inside that you surely don’t want to miss. The website design is trendy and up to date. So far, there are no problems with the navigation and the browsing experience. The videos are also exclusive and high quality. The update is regular which makes it impressive for a brand new site. Luke Hudson is also a promising actor in the porn industry knowing that he’s definitely one of the few transsexuals who were able to own a spotlight in porn videos.

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