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IKillItTS is an awesome porn site featuring trannies with monster cocks, and using them to best effect. This amazing porn site comes from the leading tranny based porn network, Trans500. This amazing site also features Super Ramon with his amazing monster cock fucking trannies like there’s no tomorrow. Jerking off to tranny porn is awesome, for these chicks with dicks are meant to be invaded in their asses, while they can fuck guys, trannies and sluts alike.

IKillItTS is loaded with awesome and outstanding features, amazing colour scheme and the best of all, porn contents that will bring the kinky nature of the trannies to the fore. The natural performances and amazingly shot videos in HD quality can make your cock go wild in minutes.

To help you attain glory in masturbating, we have compiled a review of IKillItTS. You will get all the information required to subscribe to this site. We are sure that at the end of the review, you will be desperate to subscribe to IKillItTS, especially after you find out the exclusive membership plans that this site provides.


A look at the content

IKillItTS boasts of an excellent site and is loaded with rich features and color combinations that can add immense value to your jerk off experience. When we reviewed the site, we were astonished by the beauty, the simplicity and the efficient layout and organization of iKillItTS.

The design of the site is amazing, and the color scheme has a soothing effect on you, the moment you step inside and access the home page. The organization of the site is spot-on, with every element playing its role to perfection. The banner at the top looks more like a slideshow and offers a sneak-peek into the nature of contents on IKillItTS. You’ll find three featured videos with trannies sucking Super Ramon’s monster dong, or showing off their asses, boobs, and cocks. The title of the video, the tranny featured and the beauty of the sluts is evident on the slideshow.

Like all sites in the Trans500 network, IKillItTS comes with its signature color, which is blue. The blue has a soothing effect on you, which is used wonderfully across the site. You’ll find the blue in the slideshow, in the tabs section and for all links on the body of the site. The background, of course, is white, and this adds to the beauty and kinkiness of the site.

The tabs section houses link to the IKillItTS home page, the tranny models featured, the exclusive monster cock videos and the partner sites and the Join Now box. The Join Now box has a gray color with white text. This makes it consistent with the overall design of all Trans500 sites and makes it stand-out prominently against all colors. A banner with the latest video is placed below the tabs. The tranny featured, the date of upload, a description and three photos of the slut in action are seen in this banner.

Below this, you will find a grid of videos, featuring chicks with monster dicks, playing with hunks and trannies. The name of the tranny, the title of the video, the date of upload and a thumbnail picture are seen in the grid. You will also find an array of the top sexy TS models gracing IKillItTS to the right of the grid.


Video and stars

If the color scheme, the organization of the site and various features give you a pleasant feeling, wait till you hear about the wonderful sluts and the awesome videos IKillItTS offers you. The porn contents will blow away your mind.

If you are wondering what kind of sluts grace IKillItTS, you will fall in love with them when you check out their bodies, and their names too. Famous tranny pornstars like Lexie Beth, Eva Paradis, Daniela, Tamarah Camargo, ebony tranny Gabriela Martins, and Venus Lux, among many others have made IKillItTS and Trans500 a must-visit, and own site in the world.

The sluts have the most amazing bodies in the world. Their slender and elfin bodies can make any normal bitch go green with jealousy. The trannies look so lovely with their beautiful feminine faces that you will truly mistake them for chicks with pussies than chicks with dicks. The breasts are full, perfectly round and are amazing to fondle and grope. Nipples are exquisite, matching the color of the boobs. Sucking the nipples gives immense pleasure, not only to the guys, but also to sluts and trannies alike.

The slender waists are amazing, with navels pierced or free. The waists are perfect to hold and fuck from behind, especially when invading their asses. The ass cheeks are so round, you will want to grope and squeeze, bite and spank them hard. The asshole is so tight that fucking and invading them would be the most wonderful and amazing thing in life.

Check out the videos and you will find that the sluts love to get fucked hard, and that’s where Super Ramon comes in. The sluts love the feeling of the hard monster deep inside their asses, as he pounds them in the most insane positions. The trannies love to jerk-off in solo videos and suck cocks of guys and trannies alike. All these videos end with a warm cum shot, with the sluts taking in the cum into their mouths and all over their bodies with pleasure and satisfaction.

Membership price

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Final thoughts

To conclude, it must be mentioned that IKillItTS will leave you with a sense of satisfaction that you will never forget. It helps you in achieving a memorable jerk off session that you will want to experience throughout your life. And to add to your memorable experiences, the affordability is awesome.

You have 7 different membership options, ranging from a two-day trial membership to a lifetime membership plan. Yes, IKillItTS is one of the rarest sites in the porn world to offer a lifetime membership plan. Pay once, and you will never have to pay for the rest of your life. Isn’t this an awesome reason why you should subscribe to IKillItTS

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