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I have always had a fascination for the girl next door. How many times I have tried to catch her at a wrong time, but I have never been successful! Have you tried this with your girl next door? Yes? Lucky you! How did you feel when you happened to watch her come out of her bathroom with nothing but a towel to cover herself? And the surprised look on her face when you startled her and her towel fell off, showing you all her glory? C’mon, don’t feel shy. Be open and tell me how it felt when you saw her naked? A truly mesmerising sight that has unfolded in front of you.

What did you do next? Fucked her with your dick? Or fucked her with your eyes? Or ran away for fear of her screaming? Whatever is the case, there is no denying the fact that watching that girl next door or neighbouring chick naked and making love to her was one of your ultimate dreams. To help you realise this dream every day, there is a site I recommend you to subscribe to. HomeTownHoneys is the site you must consider. Why do I recommend this site to you? Read the review that I have prepared below for your perusal, and you will understand why.

A look at the content

HomeTownHoneys will take you back to the time when you were growing up and kept your eyes and ears open to check out the girl you have had a crush on. This is because the ambience of this site is so good. There is a very simple background consisting of a newsprint texture that is like the wall of your house. On this wall, there are nude and semi-nude chicks who light up the HomeTownHoneys poster. The poster shows your neighbouring houses, with trees, paved roads and fences, including a direction post. The direction post in green colour shows Hometown, while Honeys, indicating the chicks you want to fuck, is in amber colour.

The links to various parts of the site include Home, Member Login, Sign Up and Continue. Continue takes you to the tour pages, which are three in number. Each page has three video thumbnails and a few pictures. The links are in a large box, in a design like the direction post, green background with a white border and white text. The amber colour is used alternatively with the green. The green is used for not only the links as mentioned above but for all the titles of the videos. The amber colour is used to describe the theme of the video series. Yes, each video shown to you on the tour pages is part of a series. Black text is used to describe the theme.

The video player with the thumbnail, a description of what you will find in the video, and a few pictures are shown on a wooden frame. The brown soft-board background on the frame makes for excellent viewing. The video player is on the left with a black border indicating that the video is of the girl next door. This text is found on the horizontal axis. On the vertical axis, you will find the formats in which the video can be viewed or downloaded. On the right, crumpled paper with the video description is pinned. There are Polaroid photographs of the slut, and her sex acts.

Since this is a site with only honeys, or sexy sweethearts, there is a heavy dose of honey bottles and honeybees. Be careful, for they can give you a nasty sting too! Jokes apart, honey is sweet and these chicks are as sweet as honey, when it comes to have sex with them. That’s the background for the honey part. Is there anything we have left out? Yes, the subscription and affordability. Why don’t we get to this in the concluding section of the review? You can now check out the more interesting part, the sluts and the videos HomeTownHoneys offers you.

Video and stars

To understand the nature of chicks that this site has selected for their videos, you should scroll down to the bottom of this site. Man, how do I describe what I saw? This is probably the most exquisite chick, or maybe, siren, I have ever seen. She has everything I see in a pornstar. Too bad, I couldn’t get her name, but yes, she is truly the girl who will disturb you, night-after-night, in your dreams. That’s the stuff she is made of. Don’t be desperate. I will explain to you what she is and how she looks. She has a very beautiful face. Her eyes are very expressive. One glance at her eyes and you will want to fill her with love. That sexy smile of hers is mesmerising.

The lips are wonderfully sculpted and kissing those soft lips will send shivers down your spine. Her blond hair and shining white complexion will compel you to kiss her not only on her lips, but all over her body. Her breasts are firm and perfectly round. The nipples are erect, pink and perky. The areola surrounding the nipples is of the right shape and size, inviting you to suck the nipples. Her curves are emphasised at the right places. She is lying down on her side, and has spread her legs. Hence, her ass is not visible, but her cunt. The position in which she is seen lying down makes for the most beautiful sight in your life. She has a very nicely shaped pink cunt. There is a V-shaped bush above the pussy.

You can see the clitoris very clearly. Man, you will love to eat that pink cunt and lick those juices as they ooze out. Fucking this slut will be the most pleasurable thing in your life. In the video on Hometown Honey, Stephanie Cane is the girl next door anyone would want to fuck. She is horny, and has a beautiful and sexy body that she loves to tease guys with. She goes to her neighbour’s house and requests him for sugar. But her beautiful boobs are clearly visible from her see-through dress. The guy is attracted to her and strips her. Fondling her breasts, he fucks her in all positions till she eats his cum like a hungry cum-starved slut. You are sure to get your dicks out and jerk-off till you cum hard.

Membership price

  • $1.95
  • $19.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $118.95 – $9.91/Mo.

Final thoughts

There are numerous factors that work in favour of HomeTownHoneys. From the kind of sluts who are featured on this site, to the nature of videos, their themes and the performances of the chicks, everything is top-class. And what about the subscription? Will it be costly, unaffordable to your pocket? No, it is among the most affordable sites in the porn industry. You have the options of choosing from a monthly plan, a quarterly plan or an annual plan.

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