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Simon Booth did the world a lot of justice by putting together the porn site, HardBritLads. It is an exclusive entertainment portal that is filled with hard-bodied British gay guys who will put on a show that is worth of being the epicenter of all the sexual encounters. The site is fully stocked with the most outstanding scenes. Launched in 2010, HardBritLads has been in existence for over five years and until today, it has not faltered in its provision of content. Ever since inception, HardBritLads has hosted 317 scenes, making for a great entertainment schedule. The site is professional and features many high definition viewing options.

If adult entertainment sites were anything like this, the world could be a much better place. HardBritLads goes beyond the norm to ensure that it showcases gay scenes in the best light. If you cannot get enough of a sexy bunch of British guys, then is the site for you. The content on HardBritLads is exclusive and you will not get to see it on any other entertainment portals. The great thing is that HardBritLads does not comprise on quality. Luckily, the site is all about meeting your quality and quantity needs. If you like what you see, you most definitely will get it in abundance. The site has regular updates, nice bonuses and the hottest models in the business.

These are not only advantages that come with joining this site. If the way you get your content means anything to you, then you will be happy to know that HardBritLads offers its scenes in multiple formats and sizes without faltering on quality. There is also more than one download option and the site perfectly syncs with your mobile phone. This makes it really convenient for you when you are on the move and still want to enjoy all of its flicks. Do not worry, you will not be able to stay away from these hot men for too long, regardless of where you are, HardBritLads will still follow you.

The site only deals in the delivery of content in the latest format. As the latest scenes are provided with super HD format, the new scenes on the site have only one viewing option. They also look great and come with the best watching size. The scenes also look great in a flash browser. If the sexual escapades of these British Lads are not enough for you, members of the site can also delve into the content that comes with the bonus sites. One thing is certain, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the huge cocks that you see on HardBritLads and club-like penises. Let’s take a tour to find out what the site is all about.

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A look at the content

The first place that you will end up in is the member’s homepage of the site. You will be able to enjoy what the content that the full members enjoy. There are nine recently uploaded videos at the top of the page, these will lead you to all of the preview clips. In case you discover a model on these clips that you want to get to know more about, you can find out more about them on the models roster. The navigation tools are very easy to use. The videos are arranged in a chronological order and this will help you in finding the ones that you want to watch, other than this, you will find that these videos are accompanied by images from the galleries, thus you will be able to get the most of both worlds.

The bonus content is clearly listed and with a simple click, you will end up on one of the many pages that provide bonus action. The site will also show you the scenes that have been most viewed, therefore, giving you a load start on where you would start exploring the site from. Even though there is no typical advanced search option or tools such as drop down menus, HardBritLads ensures that all of its members truly enjoy navigating through the content pages. You will find it easy to get around.

Video and stars

The men on HardBritLads are obviously hard. Needless to say, their protruding cocks are begging to be fucked and it is obvious that these men have not undergone circumcision of any kind. They are well-built and have protruding chests as well as muscles. They are macho guys who only fuck because they want to experience sheer pleasure, there is nothing passionate about these scenes. The scenes on the site are not original but they are simply staged. The site wants to stick to the script to ensure that you get the best form of entertainment. HardBritLads has a mix of African men and even those of Latin descent. They will show you their cock sucking skills, rimming and even the most incredible flip-flop that you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying. They are also not afraid to take sexual risks that will pay off in the long run. These men are yummy! The guys are fully engrossed in the action and there is no moment of boredom. Dullness is surely a foreign word in HardBritLads. Due to the bravery of these men, all of the scenes are stunning. In their nudity, the British men who are featured on HardBritLads are sent from above to meet you at your point of pleasure. Prepare for jerking off at each stage of the movies. They bring the much-needed variety that a site like HardBritLads supposed to have.

Final thoughts

If you have a good eye for gay sex, you will realize that HardBritLads gives the best that the world of gay entertainment has to offer. You will get to know more about the guys through the lengthy interviews. The guys are also very good looking. Trust me, you will get more than you paid for.

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