Never heard about Grand Dadz?


Grandadz is a high-quality site that you wouldn’t want to miss. Grandadz is a site of opposites and you can tell that just by the name itself. The models that appear here look really hot and the content is of high quality, those two combined should make a rather decent overall site.

A look at the content

The design of this site is rather simple and straightforward, so there are no surprises up that frontier. All the usual features are present once you enter the site, the classical grid layout that will instantly display what goes on in each scene here. In the videos there is a slightly different story, as you will see quality options and some description as well. The visuals are also in the same hat with the layout and the design is toned down to the minimum. There is little to no color whatsoever and you will mainly scroll through a barren site with a focus solely on the content.

Navigation is made easy by a couple of features like a whole bunch of tags that will make your stay a whole lot easier. The search bar has worked really well and it does seem rather quick as well. You can sort the content in a fashion that suits you the best. There is a mobile version of this site, so you can view the content on all sorts of mobile devices like the android or the iPhone.

Video and stars

Girls here are some of the hottest girls around, and that doesn’t only stand for this specific niche, these are some rather hot chicks that will stir up your passions. The action is rather straightforward and you will see straight action that involves an older dude all over the body of some chick that seems to like to take his dick in. So, no surprises there either. Only amateurs seem to appear on these sites. Even though that is a fact, these chicks manage quite well in the presence of the cameras and make sure those cocks are satisfied nonetheless.

The average length of the videos on this site is around 20 minutes and you are given all the scenes in that amount of time. All videos are shot by some serious professionals and I don’t say that lightly. The guys that are on this site surely know what their jobs rather well. They have hired professional people to handle pro equipment and spiced all of that with some great rooms for actors to fuck. This all combined makes for a great experience and can compete with other top sites from different categories for sure. Formats are MP4 and WMV. MP4 comes in Ultra HD, Full HD, and 720p while both MP4 and WMV come in 480p and 240p.

There is quality for everybody, but what is the most important thing is that crystal clear Ultra HD quality content. HTML5 streams all the videos in whatever quality you pick. Not a bunch of these videos is currently online on the site, only around 70 videos in total. But given the quality of all of these videos, it comes as no surprise as it must take forever to make them. But with every video comes a photo gallery with around 50-60 pictures per gallery that adds some much-needed content. All the photos are shot in the same manner like the videos, high quality, and pro people. One month, three months and the one-year memberships are eligible around here and all seem pretty okay.

Membership price

  • N/A
  • $27.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $119.40 – $9.95/Mo.

Final thoughts

When it comes to this kind of pairs, Granddadz surely delivers one of the highest quality videos around. The videos look so great they can surely compete with sites from other niches as well.

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