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The platform is all about a dude wearing spectacles that are fixed with a spy cam. He picks up smoking hot girls down the street and they later suck his dick and fuck him while he is secretly shooting the whole scene. The state-of-the-art technology has brought top notch snappers and camcorders even more unnoticeably into eye glasses letting Fucking Glasses to shoot even most sizzling scenes of ladies who are bumped into the streets by a bespectacled chap, only to end up banged in his house.

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A look at the content

The site design is very cool and finding anything here is very easy owing to the simple navigation. Users will find the search alternative to be handy as you can browse by model name or certain terms and phrases. There is also an alternative to make use of a dropdown menu if you so wish. The user interface is well arranged and every entity is placed in its rightful position. The site is very responsive and you will not experience any lag. On clicking any tab, I realized that the particular web page loaded almost immediately. There are several alternatives for watching the films. For video downloads you are treated to crisp WMV in two quality settings, MP4 in 4 quality settings, 3gp for portable devices, and FLV. For the streaming option, there is a sturdy embedded Flash player with filmstrip navigation. Actually this is a concrete suit of choices. The site is very responsive. Movie downloads loaded promptly with either a download manager of simply my browser. You will not have to anticipate for these large scenes.

Video and stars

Fucking Glasses provides a unique HD look at voyeur Point of View sex. These are all exclusive scenes with beautiful chicks hunted down everywhere and anywhere by a man sporting a pair of glasses. The lady do not even realize that the guy is in real sense filming every move they make. From the ice skating rink, to the gym, to the mall, he bumps into them and it does not take long to sway them to come back to his flat for a little more secrecy. You will see a lot of wild scenes like blowjobs, one on one sex, and anal in this kinky exclusive platform. Fucking Glasses entails a great classification of adult films. The flick have a catchy title so that you are aware of the expectations. Men are banging women and shooting the whole scene using a pair of glasses in secrecy.

This is the place you can watch films of sex in the public. Come here and watch naïve chicks getting devastated under secret cams. The movies on Fucking Glasses are of very fine quality. All of them are above HD quality and there are Full HD MPEGs and Windows Media formats, too. The dimensions rest at 1920 X 1080 with bitrates of 8 megabytes per second. I did find that the scenes are awesome. I am more than happier to see reality amateur porn done is such clear flick.

Full members gain access to 5 bonus platforms for more exclusive hardcore scenes. In addition, there is a huge anthology of bonus DVDs to keep you amused as the platform advances. What is more, update are coming through regularly. During my visit, I noticed that some updates came after 2 weeks and another trickled in after 9 days. They are coming in often, but there is no saying when.

Final thoughts

The quality of the movies is acceptable, taking into account that these are spy cam voyeur sets, and the watching alternatives are compact. A tidy design, easy navigation, and lots of bonuses are things you should not miss. Join Fucking Glasses today!

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