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Porn has recently become more widely available than ever before, and this is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is a good thing, of course, because it means that getting porn that you want to watch has become a lot easier, you no longer have to search for it everywhere and try to sneak a magazine out of a supermarket. On the other hand, it is not quite a good thing because porn has turned into a huge industry, which means that big porn companies are trying to do as little as possible to earn as much money as they possibly can.

This has resulted in the creation of rather bland porn that is not a lot of fun to watch. People who are into fetishes or who like to watch porn that has a little more spark to it are left with nowhere to turn. That is, until they stumble upon a website like FilthyAndFisting. The great thing about this site is that it does not hold back in any way whatsoever. It consistently tries to create content that is engaging, content that tries to make the audience feel at home and immersed in the experience. What has got this website going among connoisseurs of rough porn? This site has set its eyes on fisting as its niche. Generally, fisting is not considered a niche in porn, but after watching the fisting videos in FilthyAndFisting, you will realize that fisting can be enjoyed as much as regular porn.

However, in spite of the fact that it has been advertised quite well, it is very possible for this site to not be as good as everyone thinks it is. As a result, this review has been created. It will analyze two of the most important aspects of FilthyAndFisting. The first of these two aspects is the layout of the site, the framework into which the actual porn is going to go. The second thing is that actual porn that is available on this website, the thing that everyone is going to come to this website to see.

A look at the content

The site has a great layout. The way that it has been arranged is phenomenal, with everything coming together like the pieces of an intricate puzzle. The best thing about this website is, perhaps, the fact that it is so utterly seamless. You are not going to have to put any effort into getting from one place to another, and if you are the sort of person that has used the terrible porn sites that require way too many clicks to get from one page to another you will be extremely glad that this is the case. Perhaps as a result of this seamless design, the pages do not seem cluttered at all. Instead of the miniscule squares of thumbnails that you see in most porn websites, you get wider thumbnails with descriptions of the videos along with a rating system that can help you find out which porn is the best and skip all of the rest.

Additionally, the color scheme of this website is absolutely phenomenal. It has everything going for it, from the presence of red within a primarily black template all the way to the shades of grey that the black descends into when you scroll down the page. You can really tell that the designer knew what he was doing while creating this website, because when you watch porn here you don’t just feel like you are watching a video, you feel like you are immersing yourself in an incredible audio visual experience. Overall, the layout of this site is excellent, creating an immersive experience rather than being a bland framework in which the actual content will sit.

Whether you notice it or not, the layout of this site really will improve your porn watching experience a great deal. Subscribing to the site is the best way to move forward and enjoy, jerking off. Take up a monthly subscription to start off, and check out how the site looks. You can upgrade it to a quarterly or annual membership. Do I need to tell you more about the best membership option? Go for the annual membership and save a huge chunk of money to watch the best videos in this genre.

Video and stars

The great thing about the content on this website is that from every aspect of the porn you can tell that it was made to push boundaries. The writing of the video creates a very sexy storyline for you to follow, one that will fulfill your every fantasy regarding this sort of thing. Additionally, the directing has been done so well that you get to see angles that you never even thought of before, angles that really accentuate the girls of the girl that is being fucked along with the various different artistic factors that come with this sort of thing. The director alone can’t take all of the credit, because the lighting of these videos is excellent too.

It seems to brighten all of the right spots in the best way possible, and with all of the effort that is put into making these videos you won’t be surprised to realize that you really are enjoying watching them quite a bit. Out of all of these parts of the machine, perhaps the most praise needs to go to the porn stars that actually act in these videos. Most people don’t realize just how difficult it is to be a porn-star, particularly one that is shooting rough porn. Shooting rough porn is a very peculiar art because it requires you to understand various aspects of things that most people honestly just don’t pay attention to, but because of this focus on minute details the porn itself starts becoming far better than it would be otherwise.

The best part of the site is the presence of extremely hot girls who are adept in the art of getting their pussies and assholes fisted. The guy fisting the chick is not just mildly fisting the pussy or asshole, but has his entire arm fisted into the pussy or asshole, and the girl is simply enjoying the fisting. The chicks are yearning for more fists into their holes, and screaming at the top of their voice as they cum, shaking their bodies insanely as shockwaves of pleasure rip through their bodies. The girls are truly professional in what they are doing and know how to take fists up their pussies and asses, and the fact that they enjoy this act makes watching these videos a pleasure during a fapping session.

Membership price

  • $1.00
  • $29.95
  • 365 DAY ACCESS
  • $119.95 – $9.86/Mo.

Final thoughts

This site has pretty much everything that you could want from a porn site that deals in rough porn. To top it all off it is very affordable as well, which is great when you consider the fact that so many porn sites out there are simply too expensive for normal people to be able to afford. If you weigh all of the great things about this website against the amount of money you’d be spending on it, you’d be surprised at just how much value you are getting for your money!

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