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Some of the best fetish porn videos can be found on the top fetish porn site FemdomLoft. They offer an impressive variety of scenes, from tamed to really hardcore and a huge collection of over 400 BDSM and domination videos. You’ll be able to enjoy both men and women being bossed around, teased and shamed.


A look at the content

You would expect a darker theme on a domination website. However, due to the wide variety of acts covered from soft to hard, FemdomLoft has a more generic look. While there are plenty of juicy screens featuring cuckolds, spanking sessions and nipple clamping, they’re all toned down enough to be appealing even for newcomers to the genre. You can check things out by going to the videos, photos, full movies or story pages. There aren’t more advanced tags to work with but there is a search box at the top of the site. Since the title descriptions are very explicit for every scene, typing in some keywords would surely guarantee you accurate results.

The website has weekly updates, it could be once or more times per week, but rest assured something new will be posted. I would say only 90% of the content is exclusive, however, the other 10% is only going to be found on the same network that is Fetish-pack. Members can choose one of three plans available for 30 days, 90 days or 180 days. They all come with unlimited downloads and streaming online. There is also a cool slideshow gallery option that frees up your hands for, whatever you may need them. Because the design is kept quite simple, navigating the site from a phone or tablet is just as easy as using a desktop.


Video and stars

Ordinarily mistresses are well built women. After all they need to sell the authority persona. The cool thing on FemdomLoft is that some of these dommes are actually hot. In some of the softer scenes that just involve rope play and eventual penetration, the ladies are hotter. Some are quite fresh looking and they represent Caucasian or Asian women. In the harder content, the dommes are usually big breasted but with a more muscular physique. Sometimes they also wear masks of latex or leather so it’s hard to tell what they look like underneath. At least you get to see both genders being bossed around. The submissive women however, usually appear in more tamed scenes.

The videos quality is ok. You have a lot of average quality videos and a lot of HD videos too. The newest scenes are always uploaded in HD so expect to see nothing but great clarity going forward. MP4 formats are available for download but the photo sets are not organized into archives. They can be taken down individually or be enjoyed in the slideshow galleries online. There are at least 400 unique fetish videos already up. That alone is plenty of domes in action to last anyone a long time. With run-times going as high as 40 minutes sometimes, you may need to get some vacation days ready before diving in to browse the entire website. If you don’t like watching full-length stuff and just look at the good parts, keep in mind there are 25 more bonus sites available with the same type of fetish focus.

Membership price

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  • 365 DAY ACCESS
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Final thoughts

It’s always amazing when you can have such a wide variety of fetishes all in the same place. I give them praise for stepping up and uploading the new videos up to industry standards. They do a good job of uploading frequently and they make enough content to satisfy a wide range of customers.

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